This is not an impression amount

Do not worry, the building is not melting.

This is not an impression amount

Some connect enough Polish architecture with the impenetrable concrete house “Safe House”, or maybe the unique upside down house. But the country with 38.1 million inhabitants has even more to offer when it comes to distinctive architecture.

You may have seen the extraordinary architectural “constructions” made by photo manipulator expert Michael Jantzen, thinking that this must be a similar illusion.

Then you must think again. This building with the special look is located in the city of Sopot, Poland. “Krzywy Domek”, also called “Crooked House” (for natural reasons) is actually a mall and houses a variety of shops, bars and restaurants.

The Village of Joy website, a discovery site about strange and strange things, has ranked Crooked House in first place on their list of the fifty most strange buildings in the world.

This is not an impression amount

UNIQUE ARCHITECTURE: No, there’s nothing wrong with your screen – it’s just the architect who has played you a “” puss “”. PHOTO: Dungodung on Some Rights Reserved.

Inspired by Adventure

This is not an impression amount

This cabin is fully folded

According to the website My Modern Met, the architects Szotynscy&Zaleski inspired the adventure illustrations (including Pinokkio) to Jan Marcin Szancer and the art of Per Dahlberg.

And it actually looks like an animated house, “dancing” to a merry melody. With its distinctive architecture and wavy lines, it’s no wonder this house, ever since its completion in 2004 ahr, was Poland’s most photographed building, according to the website Strange Buildings.

“The building is jovial, lively and very inviting. It’s impossible for a family not to be attracted to Crooked House? “, writes the site.

Especially, but traditional

This is not an impression amount

The roof of “The Crooked House” “is covered with metal plates and glazed tiles in green and blue shades, which will give an illusion of dragonfly. PHOTO: abhijeetrane on Some Rights Reserved.

The architectural style “The Crooked House” is built in line with the traditional shape of the rest of the buildings in the city, but in a slanted version, as if we observe it through a tivoli level.

The stained glass entrance and the blue and green roof are illuminated at night, which contributes to creating an even more surreal look for the structure, almost as it is melting.

“The house houses three floors and is built with the surrounding buildings in mind, so you get the impression that even though the house is in the area, it may have melted or sunk together with exhaustion,” writes Strange Buildings.


Yes, the building looks like crazy on video:

This is not an impression amount

NOT LIKE UNICT: To see the inside of “The Crooked House” “out. Photo: Wikimedia / Topory

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