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This is Norway’s best housing prospect

Norway’s best prospects place as much weight in the area as in the home.

This is Norway's best housing prospect

This is Norway's best housing prospect

GULLMEGLER: Real Estate Agent Irene Henriksen in Boa Eiendomsmegling is the year’s “Gold Broker”. Here along with marketing director Tommy Friestad. Photo: Boa Real Estate

For the third consecutive year, Boa Eiendomsmegling has won the year’s “Gold Broker” for Norway’s best housing prospect.

Small player

– It’s really strange that we, who are such a small player, will win again, says marketing manager and broker Tommy Friestad, at Boa Eiendomsmegling.

– But this is a nice confirmation that we are doing a good job. It’s simply super fun.

Announces each year

In the category of best housing prospect, real estate broker Irene Henriksen was at Boa Eiendomsmegling, which was named the Gold Master of the Year for Haxthausen Street 6c, Oslo.

The award is the Norges Eiendomsmeglerforbund (NEF).

And high quality and an expression that stand out, two relationship jury drew special attention:

“Firstly, one has found a special lighting for the pictures that differ from other housing images in a way that clears the apartment very well. Secondly, offers from the immediate area are described as sensibly and detailed as the home itself” according to the jury.

This is Norway's best housing prospect

EXPERIENCES: Boa Eiendomsmegling writes about experience and wishes to form a best picture for customers of how they will get it in their new life. Photo: Boa Real Estate

Great effort

The winning prospect, which can be said to be a summary of the effort involved in selling a home, including styling, local knowledge, design and print, is representative of Boa, according to Friestad.

It’s fun that they are doing well, says Christian Dreyer, Head of the Norwegian Property Association (NEF).

– But does this testify that the big players do not put enough emphasis on the prospects?

– No. Housing prospects in Norway look like interior magazines. I’m pretty sure we are far ahead compared to other countries. But Boa has found its own fine form.

New Everyday

Friestad says that they write about the experience and wish to form a best picture to customers of how they will experience their new life if they choose to move there. You can not help add the home to a collection line and do some sort of “copy / paste production.”

This is Norway's best housing prospect

NOT COLLECTIVE: We do not want a “copy / paste production”, says market manager Tommy Friestad. Photo: Boa Real Estate

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This is Norway's best housing prospect

PROSPECT: In the category of best residential prospectus, Boa Eiendomsmegling was named the Gold Broker of the Year. Photo: Boa Real Estate

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