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This is how the wallpaper will look like now

This is how the wallpaper will look like now.

This is how the wallpaper will look like now

Wallpaper Trends:

Patterns with natural motifs

Botanical motifs

Green is the trendiest color

Blue and water patterns are in

Warm earth colors

Blue-tone Wallpapers with Structures

Four elements; Fire, air, soil and water

Trends change from season to season. This season everything is ready for us to use dark evenings to play with exciting patterns and colors on the walls of the living room.

Keyword for the season’s wallpaper trends are natural patterns, fire, air, earth colors, water, stone, blue and green.

wallpaper in living room

It has long been very trendy to wallpaper one of four walls with the patterned wallpaper while maintaining neutral colors on the remaining walls. Now more and more are moving away from this trend.

– It’s more common to wallpapers all the walls now, says Heidi Lassen, sales representative at the wallpaper wholesaler Green Apple.

This also confirms product manager in Borge, Birgit Torkildsby.

– In fact, a wall of pattern becomes a giant contrast to the other walls of the room. With a pattern on all walls, you get a more holistic frame around, for example, furniture, she sticks.

Hotel style continues

A clear tendency that we see and as we have seen for a while is the dark and exclusive hotel style. This is a trend that came true in 2015, but still lives in the best well-being.

– We go away from the tight and minimalistic and instead choose the warm, luxurious and cozy. The hotel style in the form of wallpaper means dark colors and patterns on all the walls, long curtains and large ornaments, says Birgit Torkildsby in Borge.

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This is how the wallpaper will look like now

HOTEL STIL: The hotel style came true in 2015 and is still trendy. The style is characterized by dark colors, exclusivity, long curtains and big ornaments. Photo: Sponsors

Wallpaper with structure

Lassen from the wallpaper wholesaler, Green Apple, says that something that stands out for them this season is a single-colored wallpaper with a structure.

This is how the wallpaper will look like now

VANN ER TRENDY: Wallpaper in blue tones and with different patterns you like to associate with water have been and has been very trendy for a while. Waves and rings in the water are examples of wallpaper patterns. Photo: Storeys

– The walls should look warm and inviting. We look very much of blue tones that go against the gray. It must be exclusive, she points out.

She also remembers that wallpapers with structures tend to live longer than large patterned wallpapers.

– You will not get tired of such wallpaper as you might have been if there are big patterns that go again, Lassen tipss.

Water Pattern in Blue Tones

Water pattern on wallpaper is a trend that has been popular for a while.

– We speak wallpaper patterns in waves, call in the water and pattern inspired by the actual surface of the water. These tapestries come in relaxing, soothing blue-green tones, “says Torhild Rustenberg, chief executive of the store supplier Wallpaper..

– The same color trends are quite clear with us. Blue and green are very hot in the wind, confirms Torkildsby from the wallpaper supplier Borge.

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This is how the wallpaper will look like now

SUITABLE ELEMENTS: In the autumn’s tapestries, the four elements are fire, air, soil and water in the center. Photo: Storeys

Four elements

Rustysberg in Storeys states that the four elements of fire, air, soil and water are noted in the autumn’s tapestries.

This is how the wallpaper will look like now

NATURE: Botanic motto wallpaper is very popular this fall. Photo: Sponsors

– In addition to blue and green, we look a lot to brown, warm earth colors. We have long had natural materials and patterns similar to stone and bricks. In relation to soil, we see patterns in the form of leaves and trees, but also stone, terracotta and earthy aesthetics, she explains.

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Otherwise, she draws on the Nordic, bright and graphic direction that is also prominent in the season’s tapestries and patterns.

– Within the graphical direction, we see a lot of white, gray and black and a little color. Hard, tight patterns that fit well with the minimalist style.

Fire is also an element Rustenberg pulls forward.

– Here we speak a little more dull, dark wallpaper that has much more geometry in it. There are advanced patterns, a lot of black and dark tones. Sooted shades and colors we associate with fire – red, orange and yellow-tones, she tells.

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