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This is how the tree is to be decorated this year

Christmas trees with decorative decoration are a forbidden dream for many. The solution; get a three number two.

This is how the tree is to be decorated this year

Nobody wants to cheat with the Christmas repetition traditions. The tree is to be adorned with children’s artwork and inherited Christmas balls.

Many think that decorative trees belong to the interior foliage. But you can also get the tree, where the decor matches the new color on the wall, and no broken dorullnisse interferes with the aesthetics.

Just get a three number two. Place it in the hallway, staircase or in the kitchen and decorate it with new and nice Christmas decorations. Or let the children have their own Christmas tree in the room and let the practice tree fit into the living room.

What about an artificial tree?

Of course, of course, we will go out into the woods and cut down the perfect tree. But for those who do not have a chance, there are plenty of Christmas tree stalls selling both plain fir and precious grain. The large plant centers also have a good selection of trees, usually at a reasonable price.

And for those who want a little different tree, such as a cedar, the smaller flower shops are good at helping it. Do you have allergies or simply a desire not to buy new wood every year, an artificial tree can be the thing for you?. Artificial Christmas trees are available in most sizes and price ranges, ours is from Shi Shi and comes with led lighting (225 cm high, kr 14500). When the tree is in your house, just choose a style and start the decoration.

Black and Silver

Black has tried as a trend color for Christmas a few years now, without taking it completely. Now it looks like it’s black, several stores make delicious Christmas decorations in black. Together with silver, gray and small touches of gentle color, the results are both cool and timely.

Red and nature

This is how the tree is to be decorated this year

SOBERT: Here we have adorned with bullets with animal motifs, from $ 30, Shishi, silver cones, from $ 50, Shishi, and natural cones with frost pine, $ 90, Milla boutique. Carpet, kr 1900, ceramic vases, kr 1900 pr. stk. , both from Bolina. Eames rocking chair, kr 4400, Vitra, side table from Gervasoni, kr 3000, Balzac and lamp from & tradition, kr 699, Bolina. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

This is how the tree is to be decorated this year

Gift paper, 70 x 100 cm, kr 29 pr. sheet and black string, kr 39, both from Bolina, porcelain bowl with art of Hin, I’m no Angel, kr 190, ø 9 cm, reikokaneko. co. uk, metal star with painting, 27 cm (incl hanging), kr 40, kid interior, heart in wooden beads, 25 cm tall, kr 89, bloomingville and glass bowl with dumpapp inside, ø 8 cm, kr 50, markandspencer.com. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen and the producers

Nature trends are great this year, the biggest we claim. Along with more traditional decorations, it’s a butcher!

Just White

Here is the dream of a design tree – all in one color. White is innocent, winter and elegance at one time. You can not make mistakes.

This is how the tree is to be decorated this year

TRADITION NATURAL WISK: Here we have embellished with royals, from kr 30, and bark cookies, NOK 45 per. pcs, all from shishi. Reindeer, kr 350 per. stk. heartbreakers, kr 220 per. stk. , and animal hair, NOK 70 per. stk. , all from Milla boutique. Hearts of dried nyper, kr 50 pr. stk. , and various small thirds, from $ 50 to $ 600, all from Shishi. Chairs, kr 1900 pr. stk. , Magazine, photo pane, 45 x 45 cm, kr 590, country chic. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

This is how the tree is to be decorated this year

Heart of dried nyper, NOK 50, Shishi, Christmas ball of papiermaché, ø 7 cm, kr 39, Maileg, this year’s Christmas heart by Ann Sofi-Romme, 6,5 cm, kr 149, Holmegaard, Christmas star in royal call, 6 cm tall, kr 88, Broste Copenhagen, reindeer with glitter, 14 cm long, kr 29, Åhléns. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen and the producers


This comes into your house before Christmas

60 delicious interior decorations

This is how the tree is to be decorated this year

WHITE USKYLD: We have decorated with porcelain birds on branch, $ 220 pr. stk. , porcelain nuts with branch, kr 170 pr. stk. , porcelain nuts and cones, from kr 35 to kr 100 pr. stk. , porcelain blonder, kr 90 pr. stk. , white glitter balls, kr 60 pr. stk. , everything from Shishi. The painting is painted by Cathrine Knudsen, NOK 45,000. Ghost chair, kr 9000, table from Gervasoni, kr 2900, ceramic tiles, kr 1400, everything from Balzac. Lamp with crystal bulb, kr 2000, Bolina. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen

This is how the tree is to be decorated this year

Snow blonde in porcelain, kr 90, Shishi, snow crystal with glitter, ø: 10 cm, kr 75 for 6 pcs. , zarahome.com, paper bird, 11 cm long, kr 300 for box with 6 pcs. , House Doctor, hung to hang, 11.5 cm long, kr 29, Kremmerhuset, small spruce in silver with velvet band, kr 39, Åhléns. Photo: Yvonne Wilhelmsen and the producers

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