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This is how the kingdom of Norway lives

The luxury housing market seems to have recovered after the financial crisis.

This is how the kingdom of Norway lives

This is how the kingdom of Norway lives

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This is how the kingdom of Norway lives

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This is how the kingdom of Norway lives

Here are the january sumps

Last year, one of the most expensive homes for sale was a penthouse apartment at Aker Brygge. The most expensive so far this year is a detached house on Sandefjord’s roof.

The property has a net living space of 575 square meters. The plot is 12.7 acres, overlooking the city and the entrance. The house was designed by architect Espen Poulsson to ship owner Jørgen Jahre.

“Sun from the first rays of the sun looks over the vault until it flows into the horizon in the late evening hours”, it is stated in the prospectus.

In comparison, Norway’s cheapest detached house costs on Finn. no at the moment 60. 000 kroner.

Good growth in 2010

Below average house prices in 2010 were 8.3 per cent higher than in 2009, according to Statistics Norway’s housing price index for the fourth quarter.

Experience shows that price differentials can be huge. Housing prices in Stavanger rose the most, by 14.5 per cent, while the Western Norway region excluding Bergen had the lowest increase, by 5.2 per cent.

A number of analysts and chief economists have predicted further growth in the regular housing market this year.

It may seem that the luxury segment has also sharply shaken off the financial crisis.

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More luxury homes

This is how the kingdom of Norway lives

SILKESTOFF: Living rooms, the ladies’ bed and some bedrooms have walls drawn with quality fabrics imported from Belgium. In the guest suite the walls are drawn with silk fabric. Photo: Z-Real Estate

Number of published home ads on Finn. No with a price benefit of NOK 10 million or more has increased.

For example, from 1. January through 17. January this year there are 19 homes out for sale – compared to 11 in the corresponding period in 2008.

– There are signs that the housing market is working well, concludes leader Christian Dreyer in the Norwegian Property Brokerage Association (NEF)

He is not surprised that many luxury homes are sold – just shortly after the financial crisis.

– Much of the stagnation during the crisis was the fear that it would go wrong.

– But the result has really given self-confidence on behalf of the Norwegian economy. We got a lot better through the crisis than many other countries.

Goes up

– When house prices are generally rising, it is natural that sales in the luxury segment also improve, says chief economist Jan Andreassen in Terra.

This is how the kingdom of Norway lives

OWN TRAINING ROOM: Should you be on top, keep in shape. A well-equipped fitness room in the home ensures that. Photo: Z-Real Estate

At Tjuvholmen in Oslo an apartment was sold for NOK 119 million. The luxury house was originally four apartments that have been merged. The total living space is 700 square meters. For this, the unknown buyer has paid 170. 000 kroner per square meter, according to DN. no.

Sold also became a luxury apartment with four living rooms, five bathrooms, five bedrooms and a library. On the roof terrace, the buyer has applied to build a swimming pool and a hot tub.

Continued Growth

The DNB NOR Markets economic outlook report recently stated that consumers’ purchasing power is back:

“Despite the slowdown in growth rates in the future, we expect annual house prices to be 8 per cent this year, about the same as last year,” said DnB NOR Market’s number crushers.

This is how the kingdom of Norway lives

LUXURY: There is Villeroy & Boch decor in the spa department with various murals to support the spa feeling. Photo: Z-Real Estate

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This is how the kingdom of Norway lives

GOOD OUTDOOR: There is little to expose the view from Mokollveien 20 if you are fond of Sandefjord. Photo: Z-Real Estate

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