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This is how the apartment works larger

Curved surfaces and white walls; This way the apartment looks bigger than it is.

This is how the apartment works larger

There are expensive square meters in the city. To live centrally and in the center of the city often requires that you are willing to sacrifice some rooms and some space for location. Many townspeople struggle with small and in need of apartments, and it may often be a challenge to try to figure out how to create more light and air in a dwelling that appears as both narrow and dark.

But fortunately, it’s both good advice for those who live compact and, not least, great examples of how to “fool” more space using color choices and interior.

optical illusion

In this smart apartment in Poland, according to the design and architecture site, Freshome has used both smart color choices and visions to trick the eye into believing that the apartment is bigger than it really is.

– The apartment is not big, explains architect Tomasz Jasizski of AJOT Design Studio to the site.

– But it works now after refurbishment optimally on all levels for the resident.

This is how the apartment works larger

SMART TRICKS: White walls and curved edges on furniture give an illusion of more floor space and space. Photo: AJOT Design Studio

The first step of the architects when this two-story apartment was to renovate was to find out how the owner of the apartment lived and lived and used the rooms.

This is how the apartment works larger

How to hide your home office

The solution we found immediately was to place both living areas, kitchen and bedrooms on the first floor, so the bulk of use was done on a level, explains Jasizski in an email to Bonytt. no.

In addition, we were able to accommodate a home office, as the owner of the apartment, who works as a designer, often takes his job home and needed an efficient and functional desk where he could work undisturbed and as if he were in the office.

Curved edges give more space

In this way, the architects released the second floor, which in principle is just a loft with raised ceilings, into a zone of recreation and relaxation.

On the loft, the architects have used a familiar, but often little, used trick to create more space: Curved edges.

– It may be that this apartment in clean targets is not that big, explains Jasizski.

This is how the apartment works larger

STRAMT: White walls and a rather tight interior make it feel neither cramped nor cluttered in this apartment. Photo: AJOT Design Studio

This is how the apartment works larger

UNAVAILED KRIKER OG KROKER: The kitchen in the apartment has been placed under the stairs up to the second floor. Photo: AJOT Design Studio

– But design and layout solutions weigh up for this, making it a functional home for the resident.

This is how the apartment works larger

Hide the shower, the freezer and the wardrobe in the wall

The curved lines and shapes used on the specially designed furniture on the second floor guide the eye around the room without hard edges or stopping points, giving an illusion of more space.

– Additionally, the skylights provide plenty of light and help the floor, which measures less than 40 m2, simply does not feel cramped and closed.

Utilized crutches and hooks

The architect explains that using built-in furniture they also released some valuable floor space in the home.

“Staying in a small space, you may be better off finding creative solutions in place – and storage problems,” explains Jasizski..

– And not least, be critical of what you really need and what you can do without.

The architect explains that the curved lines add a softness to an otherwise tight design.

– Walls and furniture with the organic shape make the eye follow the shapes and drag around the room, explainsJasizski.

This is how the apartment works larger

FUNCTION: The apartment is furnished for a young man who often works from home. Photo: AJOT Design Studio

This is how the apartment works larger

TRAPP: The staircase up to the second floor has a railing that does not close to light and flow as it is located in the middle of the dwelling. Photo: AJOT Design Studio

In this way you will be led to believe that you are surrounded by more space than you really are. And by specializing in a piece of furniture, the room is often stripped of nips and loose components, which also creates a feeling of more space, and that the architectural details get their way.

This is how the apartment works larger

In this house they have dropped walls

The kitchen in the apartment took place in the hook under the stairs, which also saves space.

– It was obviously a conscious choice to place the kitchen here, explains the architect.

– In this way, the resident has a functional and relatively large kitchen without the need for unnecessary space in the room.

Green Details

The owner of the apartment, who works as a designer for the plant Aquatic Plants Studio, had a wish when it came to the apartment’s color scheme: Green.

– We knew that in order to maximize the feeling of space and light, we had to invest in as much white as possible, explains the architect.

But in the bathroom, and also on other minor details, we have added the owner’s favorite color, which puts an extremely personal touch on the property.

Here you will find inspiration when you need to enter

This is how the apartment works larger

GREEN: In the bathroom, the architects have accommodated more of the resident’s favorite color – without disturbing the color palette in the rest of the home. Photo: AJOT Design Studio

This is how the apartment works larger

GREEN INCLUSION: The owner of the apartment is working on design and has accumulated aquariums and aquarium fish, something the color palette in the apartment reflects. Photo: AJOT Design Studio

To better utilize square meters

This is how the apartment works larger

This house is extra special

Stay smart in small space


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