This is enjoying yourself in your clothes and food

It established itself first in Oslo west and was therefore named the major stubile on folkemunne.

This is enjoying yourself in your clothes and food

Majorstu-billens gang i Norge

Brown fur beetle is called by many “Majorstu bills”, as it was for many years only at the Majorstuen in Oslo and adjacent areas.

In Norway, brown fur bell was found for the first time in November 1983 at a student home in Majorstuen, Oslo.

In the following years, it became very common in Majorstuen and spread rapidly to Bislett and other city districts on Oslo west.

From 1997 it has spread all over Oslo, first to Sagene, Torshov, Grünerløkka, Tøyen og Kampen.

In addition, scattered finds have been made elsewhere in Norway, as in Lillehammer, Skien, Sandefjord and Harstad.

Still the bill is usually on Oslo west in the belt Frogner – Majorstuen – Bislett – St. Hanshaugen.

Source: Public Health Institute

Pests come in many sizes. With a size of 4.5 millimeters (like larva up to 8 mm), this bill with the distinguished name is the biggest, but it is a pest that most people still do not want to get in house.

The brown coat of arms, attagenus smirnovi, or the mainstubile as it is called on the people’s mind, is a relatively new acquaintance for us Norwegians. It originates from Africa, and appeared in Europe in the early 60’s.

Trond Øyvåg from Pest Control explains to Bonytt. no that this bill was first found at Majorstuen in 1983.

– It spread around Oslo west in the next few years, and from 1997 it has spread throughout Oslo. Spread discovery has also been found throughout the country.

– The brown fur bill can now be found in many places, including Bergen, Trondheim, Gjøvik and Notodden, explains the head of the head of Anticimex, Stein Norstein, to bonytt. no.

Eyewitness from Pest Control emphasizes that the bill is still the most common on the west coast of Oslo.

According to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI), it is also from Oslo West that they receive the most inquiries regarding this brown fur bill.

Adds up to 93 eggs

The female puts through 34 words, but according to FHI, add up to 93 . After about 20 days she dies.

The development time for eggs and larvae goes fastest at 24 degrees and a relative humidity of 70-80 percent. The eggs then hatch after 10 days, the larvae evolve in three months and the puppet stage lasts for 8-13 days before the adult bills hatch.

At lower temperatures, development takes longer.

This is enjoying yourself in your clothes and food

EKLE KRYP: The fur bell can add up to 93 eggs, and the result will be those fur-beet larvae. Photo: Lennart Falk / Anticimex

Get nourishment from skin waste

This is enjoying yourself in your clothes and food

May be a little worse

According to Øyvåg, Major Stubilen comes flying through the window on a hot summer day, and so they spread quickly from apartment to apartment.

– They thrive well in a dry indoor environment.

– Only the larvae are eating. They find nourishment in dust where there is skin waste, hair and food puffs . They also eat dry insects and dry meat pieces, explains the pest control.

Damage and Combat

Norstein talks to bonytt. no that brown fur bell may damage woolen fabrics and silk fabrics, and possibly stuffed items.

He emphasizes that fighting the so-called snobs is rather difficult, but that you should remove the nutritional basis for the larva.

– First, find out where the larvae live. If the larvae live on wool and in furniture, they must be frozen.

– Deliver the larvae of dead mice or birds in the walls, these must be removed.

According to Norstein, if the larvae were to live from food scraps and hair cracks in the floor, you should scratch and treat these.

All life stages of the bill will die if infected objects are placed in the deep freezer for one day.

Chemical cleansing and washing of the laundry will also kill all stages. Fiber eaten by brown fur bell may be fragile and you should consider any risk before washing or cleaning such products according to FHI..

Prevent attack by brown fur beetle

According to the Institute of Public Health, this is often said easier than done.

This is enjoying yourself in your clothes and food

This is the reason for bad smell in the bathroom

The bills may come in from neighbors, or you can bring it to you in your luggage.

In the meantime, FHI emphasizes that cleanliness will prevent them from becoming numerous.

– This includes vacuuming or sweeping in hard-to-reach places under the stove and refrigerator, in the bottom of closets and drawers, long sleeves, under beds, bookshelves, carpets, rear cabinets and drawers with more.

– Dining in the bedroom combined with poor cleaning increases the risk. Wide floor joints can be sealed with sealant. Woolen clothes should be washed before long periods of storage, and may be checked periodically. Valuables and hazardous fur clothes should be wrapped in plastic storage bags.

Vacuum suction when the cold comes

Dust suction is, according to FHI, better than washing especially in winter, as apartments in Norway have extra low humidity.

– Washing will give the caterpillars needed water.

This is enjoying yourself in your clothes and food

This craze is huge in your home

Øyvåg emphasizes that the vacuum cleaner bag must be replaced frequently or placed in a bag and frozen so that the larvae do not survive.

Bills in housing can cause a decrease in prices

A property buyer won in April this year in Oslo Tingrett, after suing the homeowner’s ownership company for what she thought was a significant shortage of housing.

In the bedroom in the studio, it was spiced by fur bubbles, according to Aftenposten. This was something that the seller was aware of, and acknowledged that before the home sales they had found around 100 bills on the mattress in the alcove.

It gave a price drop of 350. 000 kroner.

Professional Combat of Wall Animals

There are many pest companies in Norway that can fight. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health recommends the following procedure for obtaining professional help:

  • Try to identify animals you find and do initial investigations
  • Rate more pest companies
  • Request inspection and plan for how combat will be performed
  • Content of a written plan of combat
  • Use approved pest control
  • Enter a contract with the pest control company
  • Self-bet during and after combat

At the Norwegian Institute of Public Health you can also read more about brown fur bell (PDF).

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