This is best in test

Powerful tables, plates and stainless steel. Four cases have taken care of the tests.

This is best in test

This is best in test

MATERIALS: The cases are tested in construction work, different types of platelets, hard plastic and steel. Photo: Øivind Lie

This is best in test

CAPACITY: A good case has good capacity in powerful materials, while doing controlled cutting in thin plates. Photo: Øivind Lie

This is best in test

Therefore you must have angle grinder

This is best in test

Råsterk test wins with short charging time

This is best in test

Test: Cheapest case is best

For those who love tools, jigsaw is one of the first tools to get stuck in a toolbox.

In the past, we tested cheap jigsaws. Now the trip has come to more real-world cases for the hobbyist so it will be easier for you to choose the right jigsaw.

We have picked out four tops in the hobby segment.

These are machines with a power of between 600 and 700 watts (710) and cost between 600 and 1200 kroner. Here it is said that Ryobi failed to deliver its EJS 700L. It was replaced with EJ 600.

The marks are based on the fact that these are cases in the hobby segment.

Price is not considered in the comparison.

Different materials

A good case has good capacity in coarse materials, while doing controlled cutting in, for example, hard plastic and steel.

The cases have been tested in 48 mm construction work, veneer, chip and laminate. Here we have tested both curves and straight cuts.

We have also made straight cuts in hard plastic, laminate and 1 mm stainless steel.

Vertical Cut

When cutting curves in thick materials, some cases will have trouble creating vertical cutters because the blade bends out to the side.

Here we have measured how much the blade has bent to the side.


Once we have considered usability, we have emphasized good visibility to the point where the magazine hits the line.

It’s also easy to swap leaves and to adjust the base.

Buttons and switches must be easy to operate and provide good control.

We have also looked at overall building quality where we have considered material choices, vibrations, sound and possible disaster.


The test was carried out by carpenter and construction technician Mats Eriksen and apprentice Mikkel Leversen Bøe. Both jobs at Caretaker Kjetil Eriksen

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