This is a room

MAD architects plan more bubbles in Beijing’s oldest residential neighborhood.

This is a room

In 2006, the Chinese architectural office MAD launched a proposal for Beijing to look like in 2050.

One of the three ideas the architectural office had was The future of Hutongs.

The Beijing 2050 Plan was first presented by MAD at the Venice Architecture Council in 2006.

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This is a room

The bubble stands out well among the old wooden building in Beijing. Photo: MAD architects

Built with the old

This is a room

Overview of Beijing with the bubbles. Photo: MAD architects

The plan in the draft was that metallic bubbles should be spread over Beijing’s oldest residential neighborhood, Hutong.

People live close, and without much space for privacy.

With the bubbles, MAD architects want to change the everyday lives of the hutongers.

The Hutong bubbles will act as magnets, attracting people, activities, and resources to reactivate neighborhoods, MAD writes archives in an email.

The bubble will work in coexistence with the old buildings, as a kind of enriching space.

The first bubble in place

This is a room

The stairs up to the roof terrace. Photo: MAD architects

Now the first hutong bubble is ready.

It is placed like a fungus-like growth, attached to one of the houses in the narrow streets.

Hutong bubble 32 has a toilet that can be used by residents, who usually do not have toilet facilities in their houses, writes

Inside is an almost sterile interior, with white walls.

Bobla also has an internal staircase up to a roof terrace.

Create New Lifestyle

MAD architects say they try to present a new urban lifestyle by putting the modern built into the old context.

Eventually, they hope that modern buildings will merge with the city and become part of Beijing’s urban history.

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This is a room

The bubble is output on a roof terrace. Photo: MAD architects

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