This is a Japanese billiards

The rooms in the Japanese house have sliding transitions.

This is a Japanese billiards

This is a Japanese billiards

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The architect office Frank la Riviere has designed this house located in the Aomori district of Japan.

– The house is designed to create a sense of openness and transparency, the architect says in an email to

Floating Devices

Because the plot is long and narrow, the house is also pulled out in length.

The longitudinal direction of the house is broken by room to the side, zones that create depth in the house. The rooms are located on either side of the elongated middle body.

The rooms are not made as traditional own devices. The idea is that they communicate with each other so that it is possible to move between the rooms in an open flow.

This is a Japanese billiards

Transparent: Here we see from room a to b, through the main body of the house. Photo: Frank la Riviere architects

Flexible Doors

This is a Japanese billiards

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This is a Japanese billiards

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This is a Japanese billiards

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This is a Japanese billiards

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The architect calls the sided rooms for zones that create transitions between the units in the house.

The transparency is enhanced by allowing you to open or close doors on rails.

There are veneers in different colors on the floor in some rooms, while others are used tatami, a traditional Japanese floor mat made of straw.

The house is made on a low budget, explains the architect.

Facts about the house

  • Architect: Frank la Riviere
  • Completed: August 2007
  • Location: Aomori-ken, Owani-shi, Japan
  • Construction: Concrete and Travel Works in Three
  • Area: 194 m2

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