This is a house

Do you dare to live so extremely straightforward? And what about dumping from the steel porch and right into the blue-blue pool?

This is a house

This is a house

Dream hut that takes your breath away

This is a house

Is this the northernmost cabin?

This is a house

This cabin is world class architecture

– This modern glass and steel architecture at the Mediterranean has a glass front that opens the view and allows residents to enjoy the ever-changing daylight and moods of nature, says architect Omer Levin in BK architecture in Tel Aviv to Click. no, and supplements: – Which of course is also a point in others, cooler skies.

This is a house

FULL OPENING: When the blinds are lifted on the front, the atmospheric light emits into every small hook. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk

This is a house

THREE SIDES: The steel and glass house has windows on two floors to three sides. The terrace is flat with the pool. The back is closed with a brick wall – all the way. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk

For order people

– This is a uncompromising elongated box of glass and metal as the dominant materials, comments the senior citizen of the National Museum, former director of the Norwegian Architecture Museum, Ulf Grønvold. Truly a home for the one who lives a clear life and hates the disorder.

Cool Style

This is a house

THE ROUND OF THE ROOM: So stupid and airy can be a kitchen. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk

Architect Kurt Breitenstein in Dahle / Breitenstein Architects adds that such a house seems to be cold at most, and that may not be so good here in Norway. In other heavenly districts, where the sun is in full force for large parts of the year, the sun / light / shadow / blinds are quite different, and more important than ours here, the architect believes.

Alternates with the weather

“This glass box we designed to stimulate all human senses. And the dense concrete wall on the entrance side is the backbone of the house while it is shining against the surroundings.

This is a house

A PLACE IN THE SUN: With the footsteps shining for the roaring sun, this becomes a cool place to stay. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk

This is a house

IMPLEMENTED: The clean style goes back in all rooms. With the bath out on the floor and floral curtains, the feeling of freedom is maximum. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk

The electronically controlled, climate-controlling blinds do the same, “explains the architects behind the project..

This is a house

SNITT: This way the house looked onto the architect’s table. Photo: Ill. : BK Architecture

With these, the facade of the house alternates constantly with the weather.

Check out her bedroom

This is a house

Concrete: The use of concrete mixed with green growth creates exciting contrasts. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk

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