This is a good jigsaw

You should expect this from a good jigsaw.

This is a good jigsaw

Should you buy jigsaw pockets, it is the use that determines which one you should choose. Should you only cut into wooden slabs, you can handle quite simple machines. Should you use it to cut perpendicular sections in thick wood or different types of materials, consider the more advanced cases.

Our expert shows you what to look for in the video above.

Here are some criteria for choosing the right case:

Perpendicular section in thick materials

If you use the saw to cut thick materials such as 48 x 98, it is important that the saw is able to handle perpendicular cross section. To prevent the blade from bending to the side when cutting, it is important that the guide or guide roller be as far down as possible to the workpiece. Here, there are also cases with their own solutions to stabilize the saw blade as far as possible.

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Footplate Adjustment

All cases have this feature, but to adjust the footer you often need to use a wrench key. Having a tool to use another is cumbersome. Some newer and more expensive cases come with solutions where you do not have to use your own tool.


Pieces are mostly in two designs. There you hold the body of the body and hold a bow over the machine body. The first variant is mostly on more expensive and professional issues. The advantage here is that you have good control of the matter no matter what angle you are in, and especially when you’re going to saw from the bottom.

Speed ​​

All cases have speed control in one form or another, whether it’s a separate wheel or it’s on the start button. This is something you should be aware of if you are going to sawn in different materials. Some materials, such as steel, require low speeds. A good case does not characterize bar because it hurts quickly, but also because it manages the low speeds.

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Most cases have commute function. That is, at each downward movement the magazine is lifted away from the workpiece. This improves sputtering, lower friction heat, and it reduces the sliding force you need when you’re in trouble.

Swap leaves

Should you come across a case that does not have a quick change of leaves, then steer clear.

Line of Sight

It’s important to be able to see the line when cutting, check that there is nothing that obstructs sight. Sponges thrown up on the line is also a problem. Some cases blow away the spade so it does not lay over the line. Here you can also take out the chip extraction to make the job free.

Rechargeable / line

A jigsaw punch requires a lot of power, you go for a rechargeable version, check the capacity of the batteries. The new litsium / ion batteries are clearly preferred.

Buy a case with wire make sure it’s long. enough. Short-chain tools allow you to get a long-cut stop or you need to use a power cord where the connector is stuck.

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