This is a finishing house

Are you looking for a house with modern design for a flat plot? Take a look here.

This is a finishing house

This is a finishing house

This house gets you for two mill

The Danish House from Nordbohus is a true Danish design, although it may be most reminiscent of a stylish Norwegian Tandberg amplifier from the 70’s. The house has not yet been sold on the Norwegian market.

– It’s probably too early yet. A house catalog may have been out for years and yet have appeal to house builders, says marketing manager Stian Moursund.

These finishers are designed for flat plots. Click here for similar house intended for sloping terrain.

Recognizable form

He expects customers from all ages, to the modern, flat-roofed houses.

– It’s not that these houses necessarily attract young house builders. For people in the 60’s this design may be less strange, we recognize the tight and functional form from earlier, says Moursund.

However, he does not think it’s a clean retro design.

– This is the new, modern house. For example, they distinguish themselves clearly from the function houses we remember from the 60s and 70s by what is called universal design. That is, they have wider staircases, larger snowmobiles for wheelchairs and other, and step-free access to the house from the outside. This is not only intended for disabled people, but something that increases accessibility for all, “says Moursund.

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Exciting skills


Atrium house with warm outdoor space.

The idea behind Ask from Block Watne was to exploit the possibilities of the atrium house to create a sheltered outdoor space, with no access to anyone other than the house’s own residents. The house thus makes a clear distinction between a public entrance and a private garden side.

Ask is organized with a large social ground floor with entrance hall, kitchen living room, guest-WC and direct contact with garden. Second floor is smaller and more private. Here is the family bedroom and bathroom located.

Large windows have been laid out from the kitchen and living room towards the private garden, while the front side façade is denser, with smaller windows. As a form, Ask is made easy.

Ask from Block Watne

  • Maximum Length 15.1m
  • Maximum width 15.7 m
  • Base area 123.2 m2
  • Useful area (BRA) 191.9 m2
  • Residential area (BYA): 149.7 m2
  • Flat plot
  • Architect: Line Wilhelmsen

Price for Ask from Block Watne is £ 2. 445. 000, – *

* This price applies to Block Watne’s office in Asker (which is slightly higher than some other offices). Price on Block Watne’s homes varies slightly from agreements with local suppliers. The prices are based on the customer making a lot of effort.


Good view and good light.

The glass facades in Palermo’s living room provide glare and views.

This is a finishing house

ASK: Block Watne delivers ready-made Ask.

All rooms and living rooms have got a central space in the middle of the house, while bedrooms, bathrooms and other useful rooms are distributed on each wing.

With all the rooms on one level, you will have easy access to all rooms.

Palermo from Home Partner

  • Usage area: 162 sqm
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Site Type: Flat
  • Internal / Internal Bid: Yes
  • Low energy standard: Yes
  • Carport: Yes

Price for Palermo from Home Partner is £ 2. 221. 600, – *

* Price applies to ready-made houses, ready for surface treatment. Prices will vary from office to office and depending on the scope of delivery.

The Danish House

Everything on a funky flat.

Nordbohus offers three varieties of Det Danske Hus based on the same floor plan. These three variants are 79, 110 and 142 sqm in addition to a terrace of approximately 20 sqm.

The house’s main facade has movable shutters that can easily be pulled in front of the kitchen or bedroom window as needed. The shutters can also be used to provide extra shade on the terrace. Centrally located in the house is the kitchen room with dining area and access to the terrace. The office can be an extra bedroom, or the children’s own living room. Large glassware and floodlights invite the surroundings into the house.

Architect Søren Rasmussen owns and heads the leading architectural office ONV in Copenhagen. Rasmussen is known to attach great importance to environmentally friendly materials and components.

This is a finishing house

PALERMO: This house is the Housing Partner that delivers.

Unfortunately, the Danish house has not sold any of the others, but the interest is clearly present, says marketing manager Stian Moursund.

The Danish House from Nordbohus

  • Bedroom: 3
  • Blank: Flat
  • Usage area: 110.0m2
  • Occupied area: 147.8m2
  • Width: 8.5m
  • Length: 17.0m

Prices for the Danish House: *

ONV A2 leisure time (79 sqm site): from $ 1. 950. 000, – incl. VAT

ONV A3 (110 sqm usage area): from kr 2. 550. 000, – incl. VAT

ONV A5 (142 sqm usage area): from kr 2. 890. 000, – incl. VAT

* ONV A2 is only available as a holiday home. Prices are derived from the calcareous basis, there may be local price differences depending on region, site situation, material selection, etc.. Cost of basic and concrete work (approximately from NOK 300. 000-400. 000 depending on the site situation), land purchase, municipal fees and other fixed costs come as well.

The ONV houses are delivered “turnkey” ie internal works, parquet, tile, kitchen appliances, bathroom and wardrobes etc. are included.


Stylish and tough with a large roof terrace.

Cuba from Nordbohus has an open and airy living area with large windows.

At the end of the entire hallway there is a convenient workplace and possibility for an extra bedroom. I 2. the floor is the exit to the large roof terrace.

– Cuba, we have sold a lot of. It was launched for the first time in 2001 and is one of our bestsellers in this style, says marketing manager in Nordbohus, Stian Moursund.

Cuba from Nordbohus

  • Bedroom: 3
  • Blank: Flat
  • Usage area: 138. 4m2
  • Occupied area: 104. 0m2
  • Width: 8.8 meters
  • Length: 12.1 meters

The price for Cuba from Nordbohus is NOK 1. 597. 000, – *

This is a finishing house

THE DANISH HOUSE: Delivered by Nordbohus.

* The price of all house types from Nordbohus depends on where the country houses are built and what the delivery contains. This price applies to dealer Nordbohus Romerike AS.


A house with a versatile outdoor space.

The ward has a long building body with flat roof construction. There is a covered patio.

The house has a marked division of the planet, where the living room and kitchen are located on one side of a large, cleared entrance. Bedroom, bathroom and laundry are on the other side.

Words from Norgeshus

  • Flat plot
  • Base area: 261 m2
  • Living space: 214.8 m2
  • Length: 32.4m
  • Width: 9.6m
  • Architect: Tore Normann

The price for Vidda from Norgeshus is NOK 2. 200. 000, – * (Natural stone premixture not included. Here are several price levels. )

* This is a guiding price from Norgeshus, it is adapted to retailer depending on local price level, basic conditions m. m. excl. basic work and concrete.


Uses minimal energy for heating.

In Celsius, Systemhus has introduced completely new solutions. Celsius can be delivered as a passive house, ie houses that use minimal energy for heating. As a passive house, Celsius will have integrated solar heating system that supplies the house with “free” energy for heating and hot water.

This is a finishing house

KUBA: As the name suggests, cubic enough.

The house can be delivered with a centrally placed concrete wall that can act as a temperature regulator. The idea is that such a wall should be heated by sun rays through the skylights. The heat will be able to be stored in the wall and emitted slowly when the room temperature requires it.

Conversely, the wall could attract heat if the room temperature is high. In addition, the concrete wall forms a design element throughout the house.

Panoramic windows throughout the house length provide a special experience.

Celsius from System House

  • Base area BYA: 137.0 m2
  • Use area BRA: 166.7 m2 incl. carport
  • Maximum Length: 18.1 meters
  • Maximum width: 9.9 meters
  • Designed for flat blank

Celsius price from Systemhus is updated continuously.

The price for Celsius as a finisher is 2. 850. 000, – kroner. * As a passive house, there are also costs for solar study of land, carried out by an external consultancy firm.

* Price at Østenfjeldske Bygg & Entreprenør AS. There are no indicative prices for Systemhus. Based on basic prices and calculations from Systemhus, each retailer finds prices based on local conditions.

Høvik 2

Atrium house – inside and out at the same time

This is a finishing house

VIDDA: Norgeshus supplies Vidda, a long and narrow finishhouse with modern design.

More space and freedom than its predecessor Høvik 1, that’s Høvik 2 from Systemhus.

The main floor has the same functional solution and in addition there is a second floor with extra space for bedrooms or living rooms and two roof terraces for an “airy” nightlife.

Høvik 2 is designed for lifetime standards.

Høvik 2 from System House

  • Base area BYA: 185.4 m2
  • Use area BRA: 233.9 m2
  • Maximum Length: 17.2 meters
  • Maximum width: 14.6 meters
  • Designed for flat blank

Price for Høvik 2 from Systemhus is 2. 760. 000 kroner. *

* Price at Østenfjeldske Bygg & Entreprenør AS. There are no indicative prices for Systemhus. Based on basic prices and calculations from Systemhus, each retailer finds prices based on local conditions.


Spacious house with roof terrace.

Lungo is a large detached house with carport, outdoor area and covered entrance hall.

1. the floor offers a hall with light staircase, entrance to the TV room, three bedrooms, bathroom and laundry / storage room. Exit to the patio from the TV room.

2. the floor has a comprehensive kitchen and living room and a spacious parent department. From the bedroom there is the exit to a lukewarm balcony. And exit to a rooftop terrace from the living room.

Lungo from Norhus

  • Main plan: 103 sqm
  • Floor plan: 103 sqm
  • Bid / garage: 30 sqm
  • Total (BRA): 236 sq.m.
  • Length x width: 14 x 14m
  • Low energy standard: Yes
  • Housing Bank Financing: Yes
This is a finishing house

CELSIUS: Celsius from Systemhus is a passive housing and uses minimal power for heating.

The price for Lungo from Norhus is NOK 2. 330. 000, – *

* Rates may vary, this applies to Oslo. Incl. VAT, ready-made and ready for surface treatment. Prices will vary from office to office and depending on the scope of delivery.


2.7m ceilings on both floors.

Quadra Lucca from Housing Partner is the home for families, with 2.7 m ceilings on both floors.

On the second floor, Lucca has a media room of almost 40 sqm, three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

On the first floor you will find a kitchen and living room of over 60 sqm, accompanied on one side of a spacious bedroom and a bathroom – and of an office, a laundry room, an entrance hall, a storage room, a carport, more wardrobe and a wc on the other side.

Lucca from Home Partner

  • Usage area: 259 sq.m.
  • Number of bedrooms: 4 (5)
  • Number of bathrooms: 3
  • Site Type: Flat
  • Internal bid: Yes
  • Walk-in closet: Yes
  • Low energy standard: Yes

The price of Quadra Lucca from Home Partner is $ 3. 005. 600, – *

* Price applies to ready-made houses, ready for surface treatment. Prices will vary from office to office and depending on the scope of delivery.

This is a finishing house

HØVIK 2: The sequel to Høvik 1 from Systemhus is a lifeboat.

This is a finishing house

LUNGO: This house from Norhus is named after the coffee drink lungo.

This is a finishing house

LUCCA: A spacious house from Home Partner.


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