This is a bathtub

The owners found that they wanted nothing but the traditional bath and moored a steel tub.

This is a bathtub

The bathtub fills all the one wall and is 2.5 meters long, so it can seat more at once.

The bath is brushed up by brick around a specially made steel tub. The tiles are so-called Flensborgsten; flat bricks with a height of 3-4 cm, which have been soap treated several times.

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The rest of the bathroom

All the pipes in the bathroom are hidden behind the walls – it facilitates both visual and cleaning. The shelves are open and can accommodate towels and plants. It gives an airy impression and helps to make the rough bath softer.

The sink is made of corian, designed by Boform and manufactured by Jens Bjerre. Wooden floors with colored wide tables are available at Dinesen, which has showroom on Skøyen in Oslo.

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This is a bathtub

CONTRAST: The rest of the bathroom interior is clean, smooth and tight in shape. Photo: Linnea Press


This is a bathtub

HYLLEPLASS: At the edge of the bath there is room for wellness products. Photo: Linnea Press

Dinesen, +45 7455 2140

Hill Street, +45 3964 3993

R. Bergersen, 23 30 11 30

R.O.O.M, 22 13 64 oo

Vola, +45 702 35 500

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