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This image allows you to earn thousands of patches

Do you have an overview of the values ​​in your estate? Probability is great because you do not have it.

This image allows you to earn thousands of patches

This image allows you to earn thousands of patches

See the horror images

This image allows you to earn thousands of patches

Therefore, home insurance is more expensive for families with children

This image allows you to earn thousands of patches

Therefore you can drop the insurance

Securing the home is important and insurance of the deposit is an essential part of this.

A home insurance policy is supposed to cover most of the damages inflicted on your assets. The challenge is, however, that you can not get covered more than what the items are insured for.

And according to a survey conducted by Norsat on behalf of the insurance company Codan, the majority of Norwegians do not have an overview of how much the deposit is worth and therefore there may be a risk that the assets are under-insured.

– If accidents like fire, water leakage or burglaries occur, make sure you have adequate cover for your home insurance, says Codan Information Manager, Mari Bræin Faaberg, to click. no.

This means that if you regularly make up for the values ​​you have, it will also be easier to insure the deposit with a proper amount.

under insured

According to Bræin Faaberg, there is often a problem that the deposit is under-insured.

– In any case, you can not cover more than the deposit is insured if, for example, the accommodation would be burned. And it’s our experience that people do not take enough to set the value of the deposit.

Even though you can prove to have lost values ​​for more than the insured is insured, you will never get more than the sum insured, Paal Bjønness, senior adviser at the Consumer Council, counts. no.

The Norwegian Financial Services Federation (FNO) has prepared an invoice calculator for calculating the insured amount on the deposit.

documentation requirement

When the damage is out and the insurance agreement is to show what it is good for, there is still no absolute requirement that you must be able to document all of the income.

– It is located in the day that you do not sit with all the receipts that you have purchased, and that one can not show a receipt will not be good enough reason for the company to refuse payment, says Bjønness, stressing that it is the insured party which will have the burden of proof in relation to letting the items be lost.

– An insurance agreement is based on a relationship between the company and the policyholder, and as a starting point there will be sufficient damage claims indicating lost damaged items with price and age, Deputy Head Leader Mette Skolmli elaborates at the Finance Appeals Committee – Division Skade, Mette Skolmli, to click. no.

Insurance Fraud

Even though there is a policyholder who has the burden of proof, there is still a limit to what the insurance company may require from documentation.

It is a good rule to be careful about what the company requires, and in some cases we have seen that companies submit documentation requirements as a hidden accusation of insurance fraud. In that case, it would be a very serious charge, Bjønness emphasizes, emphasizing that an insurance settlement must be based on trust and credibility.

Useful with documentation

– There will still be a healthy practice to make sure to document the values ​​you have in your home to have control of the assets, says Bjønness.

– This can be especially important if it is a matter of particularly expensive items.

Additional Insurance

In some cases, it may be that you have particularly valuable items that are uncertain if you are adequately insured.

– In such cases it may be appropriate to consider whether special insurance is required for these items, “says Paal Bjønness.

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