This hurries your nail gun

Nailing is the thing. We have tested a knallbra compressor.

This hurries your nail gun

In short:

+ Compact

+ Easily

+ Bug

A lot of money for a poor hobbyist

This hurries your nail gun

Super compact: tank and frame in one makes this compressor very compact. Photo: Manufacturers

This hurries your nail gun

Dive gun: The compressor was tested with this dive gun. Photo: the manufacturer


The compressor has been tested by Christian Kjuus and Håvar Vestlund. It has been tested for two months and the plant is used for all types of interior design.

Some tools need a lot of muscles. For example, a nail gun. There are electric and gas-driven variants on the market, but many professionals swear to compressed air. It gives a lot of effort.

Nail guns powered by compressed air have been awarded competition from other more useful variants. This compressor makes you reassess the attitude that compressed air is heavy and unmanageable.

Hard testing has been done by Christian Kjuus and Håvar Vestlund in the construction company Ryen and Vestlund. Vestlund says that this compressor is smaller, lighter and quieter than those we are used to.


Usually we have the compressor standing in another room, with a long hose. With this compressor we used a light, short snake and we took it with us where we were constantly working, “says Håvard Vestlund.

Integrated tank

– We have used it for all types of decorating jobs and with the nail gun from Tjep, we got fine, clean shots all the time.

The tank is integrated in the frame, the noise level is as in a refrigerator and there are little vibration.

Sad to return

The only negative must be that we have to deliver it back, says Vestlund when we ask if there is anything wrong with the compressor.


Specified air 210 l / min

Maximum working pressure 10 bar

Sound Level 62dB

Service interval 3000 h

Lubrication Type Oil Free

Weight 14 kg

Dimensions 445 x 235 x 275 mm

Tank size 3 l

Power 0.7 Hp

Number of cylinders 2 pcs

Electrical connection 1 phase, 230V


Producer AMP Price 4295


This is a compressor from a manufacturer who thinks of new thinking. It’s small, quiet, easy and handy, at the same time as it has the capacity to cope with work with lists, ceilings, floors, and interior panels.

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