This house never needs paint or stain

Check out the workshop with maintenance free wood and gray stones from Hardanger.

This house never needs paint or stain

Functional for Generations

– We would have a distinct functional, maintenance-free house that looked after all generations, says the builders Brit and Harald Hovde.

What this in practice means?

  • Most possible rooms are laid on a level.
  • The house is practically without thresholds.
  • The terraces are grouped around the house so the family can find shelter, almost regardless of wind direction.
  • The areas around the house, also the terrace on top of the double garage, are organized so that more generations, children and the elderly can easily stay here, independently of each other.
This house never needs paint or stain

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This house never needs paint or stain

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This house never needs paint or stain

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This house never needs paint or stain

Washed 10. 000 brick to build this house

A sensible color and material adaptation to the coastal landscape around was ruling when the Hovde family built a new house on an old cabin site at the Kurefjord some miles southeast of Oslo.

The site was inherited and the desire to exploit the possibilities of modern architecture was highly present.

The completed stone walls that surround the building to all sides are decorative, but far from flashy.

The stones come from the traditional slate fractal Hardangerskifer in Jondalen.

Rusty stone

The thick dry walls protect the wood structure from wind and weather.

Someone thought we were a little crazy like picked gray stones from Hardanger, telling the owners, who, however, have a good explanation of why:

– We were looking for a special stone with a little rust in. The gray-tailed shades fascinate us and were worth the entire long-haul, they mean.

The shredder, from which most of the dry wall walls are built, is of the kind of small male stone. The bottom of the walls is made of large masonry.

The latter is so heavy that it has to be pants with machines.

The 30 centimeter thick brick walls narrow toward the top and end up “just” 20 centimeters thick.

This house never needs paint or stain

ADJUSTED TERRACE: The house is located on a canal in the Silde Bay bay south of Larkollen. Photo: Espen Grønli

– If it had been built perfectly in bulk, it would look like it tipped outwards. Therefore, we had to cheat a little for the eye to perceive it properly, it is a familiar trick from the construction industry, the owner runs out.

This house never needs paint or stain

ITALIAN PREG: The idea was that the place would remind you a little about an Italian piazza. The hell is Norwegian. Photo: Espen Grønli

Piazza in stone

They have laid stones on the ground as well. It is a slightly different ski type, also that of Hardangerskifer.

The architectural idea here was to create a sheltered arrival area outside, almost like an Italian piazza.

Here the family can give their guests a nice welcome, well helped by outdoor lighting with up / downlight fixtures.

With much wallwork and customization to the site, it was academically demanding and quite expensive to build this house.

– But the walls give our house a distinctive, traditional aesthetic that will enjoy, as well as an extra protection against wind and wind like no other material, the builders explain.

This house never needs paint or stain

MAINTENANCE: Sedret and stone provide a maintenance-free facade. Over time, the wooden panel will have the same color as the rocks around the house. Photo: Espen Grønli

Solid Decoration

The house is, however, built on traditional carpentry. The drywall is dressed on the outside as an additional protective wall.

– This building is not a fancy building, so the wallpapers are nothing but decorations, comments the builder.

He completed all the dry walls with large cranes in cedar. They are untreated, just like the dry walls.

And so it should be in the foreseeable future.

This is an important point of the building. It should be as maintenance-free as possible.

This house never needs paint or stain

BUILDING BUILDINGS: The house is made on one level, with outdoor space sheltered for the wind. Photo: Espen Grønli

The accommodation is otherwise characterized by a flat roof of three matching levels.

– This gives the house a light and airy feel, explains architect Jan Jansen in Moss.

– The interior is as functional as possible. Here it will be good to live when you get older.

In 2008, the villa received a reputable mention of the building board committee in Rygge municipality.

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This house never needs paint or stain

View: Large windows provide a view of the fjord. Photo: Espen Grønli

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