This house is so cool that it was conserved

This house is Utrechts attraction.

This house is so cool that it was conserved

This house is so cool that it was conserved

Bug kitchen for the drowning

This house is so cool that it was conserved

This house is voted England’s coolest

This house is so cool that it was conserved

This hotel never forgets

This house is so cool that it was conserved

The whole house is built as a bookcase

In a large open space with a church in the center, this modern stone house is located alongside a number of old town houses in traditional style.

The new house was designed by award-winning architect Mart van Schijndel in 1992, and is the city of Utrecht’s new attraction and memorial.

This house is so cool that it was conserved

GLASS IN HEIGHT: From the stairs to the second floor we see the largest of the two inner rooms. A tall glass wall will release the daylight. Photo: Theo Bart

Behind the house’s closed exterior is a large and smaller inner courtyard.

Both outlets have glass walls that provide a flood of daylight into the largest living space in the house, the living room as a gathering place for enthusiasts who will preserve this peaceful building for the future.

Housed to each side

This house is so cool that it was conserved

GRÅSTRIPET OTRE: The striped house stands on the open round square that surrounds Pieterkerk in the middle of the old part of Utrecht. Van Schijndel Huis is the youngest, peaceful historical monument in the city. Photo: Espen Grønli.

This house is so cool that it was conserved

GLASSWEGGER: The living room opens onto the largest of the inner patio-like gardens with tall glass walls. The kitchen is on the right. The seat furniture is from the famous “Utrecht” series to design pioneer Gerrit Rietveld. Also he from Holland. Photo: Theo Bart

The triangular, five-meter high living room has an eye-catching staircase with gallery on the second floor. Otherwise, the room has inside gardens, patios to each side.

Additional small rooms such as kitchens, work rooms and libraries are located on the edge of this elegant grand room.

The color of the walls is in different, light shades of white and light blue.

– Mart modeled a lot of bright colors, says Natascha Drabbe, chairman of the Mart Van Schijndel Foundation.

– The colors are so light and volatile that they help make the house bigger than it really is.

The house has a number of technically sound solutions.

Unique furniture, vase and door experiments

In addition to the neat opening mechanism of the pointed corner of the patio-like garden, the house has glass doors with silicone hinges.

The laminated glass surface is thus glued directly to the steel frame that surrounds the door leaf.

Both indoor and outdoor furniture as well as the “Delta” laundry, which has become a classic in the past, Van Schijndel himself has drawn.

This house is so cool that it was conserved

RIGHT: From the living room the entire (!) corner opens to the inner courtyard with two doors hinged in a special way. Just as the open technique on some bus doors is. Such neat solutions were typical of Mart van Schijndel. Photo: MVS Foundation

His objects often have a geometric style.

Double Prize winner

In 1995, this house was awarded the “The Rietveld Prize”, named after Utrechts big son Gerrit Rietveld, the designer at the head of the avant-garde De Stilj movement.

The jury praised this house for its “spatial awareness”.

Utrecht saved Van Schijndel House in 1999, and the residence is the city’s youngest historic monument.

The Foundation takes responsibility

Mart van Schijndel Foudation was created in 2008 to preserve the house and the creative heritage of architect Mart van Schijndel.

The Foundation is working to establish a fund for maintenance of the building for all future.

The fund is built up by funds from private individuals and by donations from business. The house opens at specific times by arrangement, both for groups and individuals.

This house is so cool that it was conserved

OUTDOORS: The green living room is in full contact with the large living room on the first floor. It’s almost like the difference with outside and inside is out of order. The kitchen is located behind, to the left. Photo: MVS Foundation

This house is so cool that it was conserved

SAGTANNET TRAPP: The staircase stands as a sculpture in the living room. Chairman of the Mart Van Schijndel Foundation, Natascha Drabbe between ICArt’s director, Oslo Kai Sveum and designer Lars Ernst Hole. Photo: Espen Grønli

The aim is to take regular initiatives reflecting Schijndel’s attitude to design and architecture in the broadest sense of the word.

Web, Video, and Book

The house has its own website, including a video where Mart Van Schijndel himself makes a presentation of the project.

– My house’s house is nothing but interior, the architect said about his own home.

Mart Van Schijndel died in 1999.

A separate book is prepared about the accommodation.

The house is also used for lectures, concerts and film shows.

First floor:

1 = Input

2 = dressing

3 = inside garden

4 = bathroom

5 = Turkish bath

This house is so cool that it was conserved

Ground floor floor plan. Photo: Van Schijndel Foundation

6 = sauna

7 = WC

8 = laundry

9 = kitchen

10 = living

11 = Library

12 = reading

13 = workroom

14 = bedrooms

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