This house is full of holes

The house consists of three different concrete shells built on each other. Large holes in the building open up to nature.

This house is full of holes

Japanese architecture is renowned for its exciting and original solutions.

Japanese people often have to build homes in small places and adapt to the tight conditions. They are also capable of bringing the light and nature into their homes.

House-N in Oita is no exception. Large openings in the fa├žade provide an immediate close contact with nature and the city.

– The house itself consists of three concrete shells that are built on each other, explains architect Sou Fujimoto from Sou Fujimoto Architects.

– The outermost shell covers the entire building, creating a semi-indoor garden.

The next shell encloses a limited space within the outer shell, while the third shell creates a smaller inner space. Residents, a couple with a dog, live in the innermost shell.

This house is full of holes

PLAN SOLUTION Photo: Iwan Baan

This house is full of holes

HAGE: In the outermost room the architect has made a garden. Photo: Iwan Job

This house is full of holes

CONTRAST: The house stands in stark contrast to a traditional house. Photo: Iwan Job

This house is full of holes

THREE LAGS: The Japanese house consists of three different layers of concrete built on each other. Photo: Iwan Job

Different Rooms

The architect has emphasized different rooms with different connections to the exterior.

– I have always wondered why you should only use a wall to separate a house from the road. Then I researched using degrees of multiple walls between a house and the street. The result is House-N. Behind each grade you will notice a different experience of the distance out to the road, tells the architect.

– A place in the house you will feel close to the street, somewhere you will feel a bit further away, while somewhere you will feel distant from the street, in a private room.

Live one with nature

This house is full of holes

OPEN HILL: The rectangular housing has open rectangular holes in both walls and ceiling. Photo: Iwan Job

This house is full of holes

INTERNAL ROOM: It is in the innermost private space that residents live. Photo: Iwan Job

This house is full of holes

LEVE SHOULD THE SKYES: According to the architect, it seems like living among the clouds. Photo: Iwan Job

The architect wanted a small distinction between interior and exterior, although the house consists of three different layers.

This house is full of holes

The cabin’s front can be opened to nature

– Life in the house reminds me of living among the clouds, he says. – There are no specific definitions except a gradual change in the “room.”. “

– You may say that ideal architecture will mean little distinction between interior and exterior. I wanted the feeling of being out even if you are inside and vice versa. But the main purpose of the project was to emphasize what’s between houses and streets, not to create a building that was about space or shape.

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This house is full of holes

NO SKILLER: There are no specific deletions, only changes in shape and space. Photo: Iwan Job

This house is full of holes

UTE AND INNE: In the outdoors, residents can enjoy the feeling of sitting outdoors, but surrounded by walls. Photo: Iwan Job

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