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This house is extra special

Check out the unique downhill house in Austria.

This house is extra special

There are many great examples of architecture that focus on nature around. Some because it gives a very own aesthetic to the building – and not least on the view from it, others because the environment around the plot and the housing requires architecture to adapt to nature and not the opposite.

According to the architectural site Diten, it was just an attempt to adapt the property to the site, which led architects from the distillery Architecture + Design to come up with the unique design that characterizes the newly built residence at Linz in Austria, named Y2.

Built house in a downhill

At the foot of a mountain, in the village of Pöstlingberg, the family should build their new home. The problem was just that the site the house was to be put on, offered some challenges.

They came to us with the wish of a home that would both work for their active young family, who would also exploit both the site and the view from it, explains architect Harald Hatschenberger about project Y2 to the CubeMe website.

The fact that the site was on a steep slope was both a challenge and ultimately defining the housing as it stands today and gave us opportunities to think of new ways when we worked to plan this house.

This house is extra special

IN MOTBACK: This house has an interior that is adapted to the steep plot. Photo: Distilat Architecture + Design

The steep plot meant that each floor had to be adapted to its own respective space in the terrain.

This house is extra special

This was an old fishing factory

– The house is in some sense turned heady compared to most other homes, explains Hatschenberger.

– This home is structured from the bottom up.

Like the other houses in the residential area, the Y2 house is also very narrow and measures only 21 meters in width.

– This also set its limitations and challenges, explains the architect.

– Some of the neighboring houses are located very close to the property, and therefore it became less important to exploit the plot and the view to the right and left than it was to make it downwards and forwards.

Built a separate house for the bedrooms

When you first approach the home, it is clear from the top side that there are two separate structures. Do you think?.

– Clients wanted to have bedrooms and private zones in their own house, explains Hatschenberger.

This house is extra special

STILRENT: Wood and white dominate in the modern Alpe house. Photo: Distilat Architecture + Design

– And when you approach the house from the top it is undeniable that there are two different structures.

This house is extra special

Jordhaugen hides a unique home

But it is both true and an impression.

– The houses are linked underground, explains Hatschenberger.

– So you all have the benefits of having private zones in a separate building, while for practical reasons it can be both simple and useful that these also relate to the main house and living areas themselves..

The architect explains that there is a strong connection also visually between the two houses.

– The buildings, from the back of the house, look almost identical.

There is probably a visual amount that applies: From the back, both buildings look like they consist of only one floor.

Busy of Light and Sustainability

When the clients brought in input to the architects when the house was to be drawn, there were two things that were in focus for the children’s family: they would optimally utilize the natural daylight to the maximum in all the rooms of the house and they would have a home that was as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

This house is extra special

OVER MORE PLAN: The sloping plot dedicated the floor plan of this house. Photo: Distilat Architecture + Design

– Both were of course, we would certainly be fulfilled, explains architect Wolfgang Wimmer to the website Dezeen.

This house is extra special

Here, they need the safety harness to live

And these were the inputs that made the most of the house to what it is today.

A corridor runs along the east side of the bedroom and leads you from the bathrooms and onto a built-in balcony.

– From the glass wall in the bathroom you have a panoramic view of the balcony and towards the foot of the Alps, Wimmer explains.

– Inside the shower, which is also covered in glass, you have a view of the forest area around the residence.

The bedrooms are laid on the west side of the house, thus enjoying the morning sun from the east.

To customize the house after the topography site meant that it was necessary to manipulate the plot and nature to a lesser extent.

– The entrance is located at the top, and a large oak staircase leads you down into the building, explains Wimmer.

– The living zones have an open floor plan and are located on the middle plane of the house.

This house is extra special

Above: The house extends down the slope. Photo: Illustration: Distilat Architecture + Design

This house is extra special

TWO HOUSES TIGHT: On the surface they are separate, but the lower floor is tied together. Photo: Illustration: Distilat Architecture + Design

It is also here that you can reach the “neighbor house” where the sleeping sons lie.

This house is extra special

The message but amazing cottage

The roof follows the shape of the building and also extends down the slope.

Inspired by the East

The architect explains that the family had also been inspired by the often dense and simple interior of Japanese homes.

– The floors in several rooms are covered in grass mats, Tatami, which are often used as floors in traditional Japanese houses. These should not be worn on shoes.

Future-oriented and sustainable materials are used in large parts of the home.

– Concrete, wood and stone dominate, explains Wimmer.

– And the heating system is a heat pump, which is also supported by a ventilation system, which together makes the house qualify as a low-energy house.

This beautiful bathhouse was an old fishing factory

Here you will find plenty of nice interior inspiration

This house is extra special

Y2: The house is organized around nature. Photo: Illustration: Distilat Architecture + Design

This house is extra special

DELIVERY LIGHT: Large windows release the light into all floors of the house. Photo: Illustration: Distilat Architecture + Design

This house is extra special

HOLIDAY HOUSES: The architects leave the bedrooms in their own house. Photo: Illustration: Distilat Architecture + Design

Here they enjoy themselves in the cabin without snowmobiling


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