This house is 122 cm wide

This planned townhouse in Poland will be 122 cm – at its widest.

This house is 122 cm wide

This house is 122 cm wide

COMPACT: This is how the architects at Central have drawn the world’s thinnest houses. Photo: Central

According to the design and architecture site Freshome, this planned city house in Poland will take the idea of ​​narrow housing to a completely new – and definitely thinner – level.

Keret House, as the project is called, comes when it’s ready to measure only 122 cm wide.

But little does not mean to be a defect, as the architects here show.

Thinest house in the world

The house, which is said to be the thinnest in the world, will be finished to contain both living room, kitchen, bedroom and even some kind of loft. According to architects, the entire triangular structure should be painted white, both inside and out.

This house is 122 cm wide

MAGERT: It’s not for everyone to be able to live in the world’s thinnest house. Photo: Central

The innovative architects of the Polish architectural firm, Centrala, are responsible for the project, with architect Jakub Szczesny in the lead.

In what can best be described as a crack between two buildings in the Wola district of Warsaw, the “house” Keret House is to be built, a house where only the most necessary space is needed.

The project is referred to as an art installation as the area and extent is too small to be officially considered a dwelling according to Polish law.

– The interior of the house will appear as narrow, but completely functional and operational, says architect Jakub Szczesny to Bonytt. no.

This house is 122 cm wide

WOLA: In the district of Wola, the house will be mentioned in place between two other town houses. Photo: Central

– Total living space will reach 14.5 square meters.


The house, which is not supposed to function as a residence, is said to be the workplace of the Israeli writer Etgar Keret, hence the name. In addition, the building will function as a studio apartment for other writers and artists who visit the area. The project has received financial support from both the Modern Polish Art Foundation and the district, and will serve as an attempt to improve the work situation of artists and act as a platform of cultural exchange.

Inspired by boating

– The power supply to the house will be taken from the nearby towns, Szczesny explains.

This house is 122 cm wide

PETITE: Total living space reaches modest 14.5 square meters. Photo: Central

– While the sewage system we have planned for the house should be inspired by the systems used on board ships and large boats, the architect concludes..

The staircase up to Keret House will be able to be pulled up and down as needed and controlled by a remote control.

The Keret House project will begin in September and is scheduled to be completed in December this year, according to the architects at Centrala.

This house is 122 cm wide

SMART SOLUTIONS: The staircase is controlled by a remote control and can be pulled up in the house when not in use. Photo: Central

This house is 122 cm wide

NEXT PLANLAGT: It requires some architectural skills to put in place all functions in as few quarters. Photo: Central

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