This house in England is built of garbage

Tired of taking out garbage? Use it to build houses, as well.

This house in England is built of garbage

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is the expression that has become reality at the University of Brighton University in the United Kingdom. Here you have built a whole house solely of garbage.

It is the eco-architect and director of the BBM Sustainable Design Architectural Department, Duncan Baker-Brown, who, in collaboration with university bachelor degree students, is behind the creative and groundbreaking Waste House project, which has attracted the world of attention in recent weeks above.

– Waste House is an attempt to prove not only that one can build something out of things not intended as building materials, but also that it’s actually possible to build a permanent building out of rubbish, Baker-Brown recently explained. to the design and architecture site of Dezeen.

– There have been many similar projects where you have built sheds or temporary buildings of garbage but to go through the entire process of applying for building permission, and following real building permits, we were probably out there.

Living Laboratory

According to the university, the special project is an attempt to create a living laboratory, where both university students – and visitors – can experience what eco-architecture can mean and be, and to look better what one can actually do use waste for.

– Waste House researcher on strategies for building is modern, low energy and permanent residential housing, where more than 85% of the building materials are used from building sites and ordinary household waste, the university writes on its web pages.

When the house is fully completed, it will be Britain’s very first sustainable house, which has been awarded the energy class “A”.

This house in England is built of garbage

OLD FLOWERS: Trash House uses trash and surplus materials from private houses, construction sites and other industries. Photo: BBM Sustainable Design Architects

Will show what junk really is

This house in England is built of garbage

500 year old trash residues and a used oil tank, Pers became a new holiday home

– Waste House is the first permanent building in the UK made of garbage, raw materials and used plastic from construction sites, other industries and homes, confirming Baker-Brown to Bonytt. no.

– The idea is to test the stamina of these undervalued resources over the next few years, and the University’s Faculty of Science & Engineering has set up gauges in the exterior walls of the house to test this and check how the building will go ahead.

The architect explains that one of the main goals of the project was to prove that there is no garbage, only “things in the wrong place”. “

The project, which also serves as a permanent new design workshop and study center for the university’s many architecture and engineering students, is a collaboration between architects, students and volunteers.

“The House That Kevin Built”

In 2008, BBM Sustainable Design, in collaboration with the renowned architect and program director at UK Channel 4, Kevin McCloud, made the eco-house “The House That Kevin Built” for the Grand Program. This was Europe’s first prefabricated house, made almost entirely of organic sustainable materials.

“The House That Kevin Built” was set up for just two days as a project, but 6000 people came in to look at the unique house during these days, which made BBM Sustainable Design come true The idea of ​​setting up something like this on a more permanent basis, and allowing even more people to see and learn from the project.

This house in England is built of garbage

BANEBRYTENDE: The house located in the University of Brighton campus is used in the teaching of design and architectural students as a “living laboratory” according to the architects. Photo: BBM Sustainable Design Architects

This house in England is built of garbage

LIVING LABORATORY: Many English classrooms have been in the construction project to see what you can actually do with things we think of as garbage. Photo: BBM Sustainable Design Architects

Since 2009, the University of Brighton has been working to build a version of “The House That Kevin Built” in its university area, and in 2012 the project finally started. And now, more than 20000 old toothbrushes, 2 tons of used jeans, 4000 DVD cases, 2000 cassettes and 2000 used floor tiles later Waste House is a reality.

This house in England is built of garbage

On a hike in the archipelago, the couple saw a 200 year old house

Master’s Degree in Sustainable Design

Teachers and students at the university already benefit greatly from the project, and Waste House will also be available to school classes, municipal visitors and other higher education institutions wishing to learn more about green building techniques and eco-architecture.

We will arrange work-shops and other events where both artists, designers, builders, researchers and others can learn from us and Waste House, explains Baker-Brown, who teaches architecture at the university himself,

– Of course, the goal is to cope with the enormous challenge we face when it comes to finding ways to reduce resource use and waste, and really see the effect this has on our planet.

Will inspire future builders of the future

Brightons Waste House will prove that materials that you have not even thought to be used in house building can actually be used and will be as effective as other and more conventional building materials. Not to mention more environmentally friendly.

This house in England is built of garbage

OLD TOWN BRUSHES: Waste House is built to be the extreme version of what you really can do with materials that you count as waste. Photo: BBM Sustainable Design Architects

This house in England is built of garbage

ISOLATION: You might not know that you could use the olabuks you no longer fit to isolate your house? Photo: BBM Sustainable Design Architects

– Here we speak technology at a high level. explains Baker-Brown.

This house in England is built of garbage

Not always what they claim to be

– We will test innovative green construction methods and materials, and will constantly measure how efficient and functional these are. The goal is also to reduce the time spent on construction sites, and to prove that isolation can be anything other than it is today, and still work at least as well.

The toothbrushes, which are used as wall insulation, come from First and Business Class passengers on flights in and out of Gatwick Airport in London.

– These are toothbrushes that have only been used once and which would end up as rubbish they would not have come here, explains the architect.

The idea is also to show students that one should plan ventilation and isolation as part of the design of the house and we have this exposed here so that everyone can see how it works and what’s really happening inside the walls.

The house has already received massive attention, but is not today a sustainable solution for most people, Baker-Brown points out..

– There is currently no place to pick up 20,000 used toothbrushes, for example, but the goal here is to show and inspire. In addition, we will soon, and when we start to get results from measurements, see how effective toothbrushes are actually in insulating walls. It may happen that this is not actually the best solution, and then we need to think again.

Good message, but.

Civil Engineer and Senior Adviser at SINTEF Building Research, Hanna J. Larsen, believes Waste House in Brighton is spreading a good message and is a wonderful tool for teaching, but is more skeptical that, in fact, and especially in a Norwegian climate, people can build houses of elbows and old toothbrushes.

“It’s great to show the world, and maybe especially students, that we as society have a huge consumption of products, and that very much is a waste of use,” explains Larsen to Bonytt. no.

This house in England is built of garbage

“INGENTING IS SOPPEL”: Only things in the wrong place, the architects believe behind this unique house. Photo: BBM Sustainable Design Architects

– But I think it’s not realistic to actually use these materials, like toothbrushes and old video cassettes, in houses to live and live in.

In one with the swarms

The civil engineer explains that today, Norway uses a lot of recycled materials when building houses and buildings, but that these have been recycled and had to pass strict safety requirements for use.

– We have stringent technical requirements of both building materials and insulation in Norway, but we have absolutely the last few years become better and better at adopting recycled materials when we build new. Many people were skeptical of this at first, but the technology used has developed tremendously in a few years, and now it is common practice to use this kind of building materials, and you know the properties are the same as those found in new materials.

In Norway, we have a somewhat tougher climate than they are used to in the UK, and Larsen thinks they have completely different rules and constraints in terms of isolation than what we have to deal with.

– Although isolation is all about simplicity and catching air, we also have stringent requirements for materials used outside the houses in Norway, taking into account both rain and moisture and frost.

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This house in England is built of garbage

WILL INSPECT FUTURE HUSBUILDERS: Trash House will make you think differently about your trash. Photo: BBM Sustainable Design Architects


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