This house had to be special

The outdoor area was placed on top of the house because there was no room around the house.

This house had to be special

This house had to be special

Here’s an 80 year old woman

This house had to be special

The cabin was completely transformed

Adapting to the environment is one of the most important elements of architecture, both in terms of material use and the design of the building body.

This house in Seattle, USA, designed by the architectural office of PB Elemental Architecture, was twisted on the top floor so that the entire building body would fit the sloping and challenging site.

This house had to be special

UFO: The top floor almost floats like a UFO over the rest of the construction. Photo: Mel Curtis


The house is designed for a young family on a landlocked plot in the hills outside Seattle. The challenge was the nature of the plot. It was no more than 800 square meters, a little bit of it was part of a common area and it slipped backwards.

– This meant that the building’s floor plan was going to cover most of the site, explains one of two architects behind the house, Chris Pardo, to the click. no.

In addition, the owners had set the following requirements: There should be three bedrooms and a home office, seamless integration between the inside and inside, open, modern and minimalist solutions. In addition, you wanted a view, but the surrounding houses and trees blocked views from the street level.

Transparent Stair

This house had to be special

HORSE: When man is standing right under the house, one gets the impression of looking up to a tower. Photo: Mel Curtis

The house resides almost like a control tower from its place. In total, the flat is about 600 square meters.

– To maintain a visual contact to the street level, the stairs up to the top floor were designed as a transparent solution, says Pardo.

Kitchen Central

The house consists of three floors; the living rooms at the top, so the bedrooms and the lower garage and storage room.

This house had to be special

MORE LIGHT: The twisted top floor has a ceilings view towards the houses around. Photo: Mel Curtis

This house had to be special

TRANSPARENT TRAPP: This staircase up to the top floor was built to create contact with the street level. Photo: Mel Curtis

According to the owners, the kitchen is the central place of the house, and therefore attention was also given when it was built.

The assessments went between costly, tailored solutions and IKEA’s standardized solutions.

The downside with the first was that it was expensive, while the IKEA solution had few surface variations.

The homeowners eventually went for a solution in the middle of the middle.

Blog about his house

The owners have written their own blog about their house and how it has been living in the first few months. The blog also provides input for those who plan to build a house themselves.

They say, among other things, how they wanted a warm-looking floor in the bedrooms.

This house had to be special

MODERN KITCHEN: With its concrete floor, the kitchen is almost an industrial touch. Photo: Mel Curtis

This house had to be special

DIFFERENT WEATHER MATERIALS: The picture shows how the walls in the house have both painted and wallpapered surfaces. Photo: Mel Curtis

“We wanted the floor to be durable, cheap and with a minimum of degassing. So we quickly ended up with bamboo, “they tell the blog.

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This house had to be special

DUSJMANIA: Here you can be showered from all sides and sides: One shower head in the ceiling, one on the wall (hidden behind the glass wall) and a hand shower. Photo: Mel Curtis

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