This house grows out of the hill

The architect made the house an extension of the terrain.

This house grows out of the hill

This house grows out of the hill

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This house grows out of the hill

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This house grows out of the hill

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The idea of ​​letting the terrain form the building is a fundamental principle of architecture.

It is, among other things, that the housing should be as small as possible for the environment.

The architects behind this villa in Stockholm wanted the building to be perceived as an extension of the underlying ground.

“The house grows out of the environment in such a way that the lawn forms the roof of the house”, writes architect office RB Architecture in its description of the project.

– The design and location of the house is the result of an analysis we made of the space. We looked at the topography, sun conditions and surrounding roads. We would give the house a back against the two roads and at the same time create a sheltered patio that took in the evening sun, “says architect Rahel Belatchew Lerdell.. no.

This house grows out of the hill

MODERNIST: The interior has a clear modernist expression, with clear and clean lines. Photo: Patrik Engquist

The site determined the design

Belatchew Lerdell says that they generally work according to the principle that it is the premise of the site that determines the design of a house.

In this case, they were above a sloping plot of roads on two sides.

We let the different rooms climb up the slope, and the slope’s level difference made the distant part of the house built into the terrain, she explains.

– In parallel, there was a desire to explore other ways of creating volumes where the boundary between different surfaces wiped out; roof goes over to the ground, wall crumbles and landscapes go into a building without interruption.

Free Hands

This house grows out of the hill

TERRACED: From the house’s “public” facade, there is a staircase up to the more private part of the villa. Photo: Patrik Engquist

The only requirement the homeowners asked was how many rooms the house should contain.

– Beyond that I got free hands, says Belatchew Lerdell.

Extension of the terrain

To emphasize the house’s adaptation to the terrain, the architects allowed the roof to grow right out of the ground and covered it with vegetation.

This house grows out of the hill

PRIVATE OUTDOOR: By designing the living room in this way, one got an area that both screens for visibility and facing the evening sun. Photo: Patrik Engquist

This way the transition between terrain and building is wiped out.


The house is built in a trunk of concrete with a polished facade and a roof covered in sedum.

Land heating is used for heating the villa. The heat is distributed in the floor by means of a heat pump.

This house grows out of the hill

FRA TERRENG TO REMOVAL: The house’s adaptation to the terrain is most apparent at the rear, where the ground continues on the roof. Photo: Patrik Engquist

This house grows out of the hill

TERRENGVÆVELSE: The house follows the terrain from the back to the front. Photo: Patrik Engquist

– In general, in all our projects, we are looking for solutions for low energy consumption and integrated green areas, emphasizes Belatchew Lerdell.

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This house grows out of the hill

STILRENT: The simple and tight lines have been completed throughout the villa. Here from the kitchen. Photo: Patrik Engquist

This house grows out of the hill

PLANNING: This is the base of the villa. Photo: Ill. : RB Architecture

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