This house goes in one with the woods

The house was placed on pillars in order not to leave the impression.

Architecture is about creating a good experience within a functional framework. The home will meet the needs of the owners while it will slide as an element in the surroundings. This interaction allows for a formative performance that can provide exciting results.

But the innovation is not necessarily in a comprehensive form expression, but perhaps equally in a distinctive sobriety.

If the building is also based on an ecological basic idea, with the least possible impression as a target, it gets qualities that lift it out of the general building mass.

This dwelling on veilier Veierland in Vestfold is such a building. Only thin pillars lift built up from the ground, which has remained untouched. Even a unicorn, which had easily had to be fined with life on a man’s building site, had stood there, where it almost clumsy crept up against the house’s one long wall.


The house was completed in 2011 and has a surface area of ​​120 m2, which is laid around an atrium. And it is against this space the house opens, almost in an innovatory, contemplative movement.

– It signals tranquility and is enhanced by the fact that the open area itself does not serve any function, which makes the atrium in a quiet, untouched location, explains architect Reiulf Ramstad to clicks. no.

This house goes in one with the woods

WIND US USE: The mirroring of the windows creates the impression that the house is a part of the surrounding nature. Photo: Reiulf Ramstad Architects

Without Impression

This house goes in one with the woods

You wake up one and a half feet from the morning bath

The house is located on top of a mountain ridge, yet without exposure to the horizon. It provides for example the surrounding bar forest. It has been allowed to stand untouched. Even inside the atrium, the vegetation resumes, almost like a protest. But if something this house is not perceived as, it’s like a demonstration. On the contrary. It sneaks in among the vegetation, and with its thin columns it’s almost like the house floats over the ground without leaving the impression.

– This impression is further emphasized with a homogeneous surface of dark wood, which gives the house a muted expression and makes it almost invisible, Ramstad expands.

The rooms collected in features

This house goes in one with the woods

CONSTRUCTION PLAN: The architects have wished the house should turn towards itself and signal a calm. Photo: Reiulf Ramstad Architects

It can be argued that nature in its diversity signals a disorder, but if you go closer to it you experience a strictness. And in this context, the house finds its natural space. It does not challenge either the terrain or the vegetation. It just stands there with its rake, simple form expression on its little rock and makes no fortune.

This house goes in one with the woods

The workplace you will never leave

In this way it rests a dignity over the house. It is also found indoors, and is enhanced by the rooms being arranged by function.

– The functions are collected in batteries that leave the rest of the volume clear and transparent, explains Ramstad.

Extensive Window Usage

The strong rectangular shape of the house is emphasized through the clear and linear window usage. The windows break up the building body while creating a transparency that binds the house together, while at the same time enhancing the sensation of the building’s ease.

This house goes in one with the woods

ATRIUM: The terrain is untouched, which is evident here in the atrium. Photo: Reiulf Ramstad Architects

This house goes in one with the woods

TRANSPARENCY: The house faces an atrium, and a wide window use allows us to look inside even if we are outside. Photo: Reiulf Ramstad Architects

On one of the sides a rectangle has been cut that leads straight into the atrium and emphasizes the transparent.

This house goes in one with the woods

Built house in bridge over a stream

The same use of rectangular openings is found in the entrance section. At a distance, you see nothing but a staircase leading into a large rectangular hole. Something that emphasizes the simple and straightforward form expression of the building.

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This house goes in one with the woods

NATURAL LIFE: In most other construction sites, this bush would have to bend with life, but it stood still and responded to leaning toward the house. The hole in the wall leads towards the atrium in the middle. Photo: Reiulf Ramstad Architects

This house goes in one with the woods

CLEANING PRINT: The simplicity and straightforwardness of the house are evident in this model. Photo: MODEL: Reiulf Ramstad Architects AS

Therefore, Norwegian architects receive international recognition

This house goes in one with the woods

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