This house can be pulled out

The small box houses 40 square meters of boflate.

This house can be pulled out

Just needed a place and live, but ended up designing a whole new home concept.

Andre Sipilä is a graduate at the Art College of Design.

The Utoscope, called the house, is his master’s thesis, and is currently being presented at Norsk Design and Architecture Center (DOGA). The exhibition is called KHiO Departure 09 and is open from 4 to 7 June.

– With this solution, I decided to decide where to stay. I’ve lived in a caravan for a year, and that’s when I got the idea. I liked mobility, but it became too tight, he says to

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Box construction can be expanded as a telescope and grow four times larger – 40 square meters – with two porches that can be tilted down front and back, writes.

This house can be pulled out

EXTRACT HOUSE: The house concept of Andre Sipilä can be hooked on a car and taken to the next residence. Photo: Andre Sipilä

Already received an order

Sipilä tells that he is in dialogue with the Grünerløkka district in Oslo to place the retreat house in one of the parks , as a form of project room that people can come and work or just stay there.

He further says that the feedback on the construction is positive and he has already received one order on it. It will be used as a scene to be built according to the same principle of exclusion.

Some further commercialization of the product is currently not planned, but Sipilä has nevertheless played with the thought and is no stranger to further utilization.

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Also floating

Sipilä sees that the box will not only be a home, but also as an emergency hospital, scene or whatever, as he says.

The idea of ​​the construction is that the box can be transported easily, either hanging behind a car or under a helicopter.

And the plan is also that the extractor house will be able to do without connecting to the public power network, solely by means of solar cells and gas.

– I wanted to build a flexible home, while not spending millions living, he says to

Next year, he plans to take the construction from land to water, so that it can also be used as a houseboat.

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