This hotel never forgets you

Behind the façade is one of Europe’s coolest design hotels with interior and an atmosphere you’ll never forget.

This hotel never forgets you

KUL KANNE: The Mondrian-like cannon is painted by Klaas Gubbels, one of Holland’s most famous, older artists. Photo: RIB

This hotel never forgets you

This is a house

This hotel never forgets you

Daring hotel with ladies everywhere

This hotel never forgets you

Oslo at the top of the world

This hotel never forgets you

Is this the country’s coolest cabin?

From the windblown Wilhelmina Pier, it is lovely to get into the huge dining room at Rotterdams Hotel New York.

Here is an unpretentious mix of old and new. Worn mahogany and polished brass stands out against the finest of today’s design lamps and furniture.

Historical Environment

A dug-free oyster bar flanked a twenty-meter long bar.

The walls are adorned with modern artwork, and a huge coffee pot is the biggest eye-catcher of the totally open kitchen.

This particular historic environment and interior are no bomb, as the building is the former exclusive headquarters of the Dutch America line.

From here the journey went to thousands of expectant emigrants to the dream country: America.

That’s why it’s great that the plant has got a new life as a haven for the young and adventurous, international and hip.

In addition, the area is packed with world-class architecture.

This hotel never forgets you

THE SEAT’S FRUITS: It’s no surprise that in such a maritime hotel, the oyster bar has a central location in the interior? Photo: RIB

Melting pot of nationalities

In the hotel restaurant it sums up life and voices in all languages. In the middle of the day, at lunch times, this place is an amazingly lively cosmopolitan melting pot.

– This is not a surprise for those who know a little about our city. It has six hundred thousand inhabitants and 160 nationalities, says Kim Heinen, historian, DJ and Rotterdam enthusiast to

– It says a bit that we are the first big city in Europe with a Muslim mayor. Still, this place is unique, he continues.

Three dedicated designers

This hotel never forgets you

KUL ATMOSPHERE: Like most other places in Holland, there is a casual laidback tone in the dining room of Hotel New York. Photo: RIB

Holland’s America line had to shut the doors of this fashionable headquarters in 1984.

This hotel never forgets you

TRAPPER TO TOP: Of course, the three basic designers took care of the old decorative cast iron stairs. Photo: RIB

After the building had run out for ten years, three energetic designers, Hans Loos, claimed Daan van der Have and Dorine de Vos. to blow up life in the building again.

– We attempted to preserve the beautiful architecture as best we could, says artist and designer Dorine de Vos to

– It’s striking in the expression, inside out, and the plant has a glamorous past that hundreds of thousands of people have a close relationship with.

– The location is unique, full of nostalgia and dreams of a better future. We strive for an interior and graphic design that lasts over time, for decades, she adds.

It’s the quality of the details that reveal the quality of the decorative work that has been done.

Spectacular room and bathroom

The hotel building contains 72 individually decorated rooms, with your sensational bathroom. Here are also two spectacular towers rooms. They are often used as bridal suites.

This hotel never forgets you

QUICKLY: The style is rough, timeless and maritime. This fits excellently in an over a century old “jugendpalass”. Photo: RIB

In addition, there are a number of conference rooms, common rooms and restaurants. Everyone with a magnificent view of boats, not least heavily loaded barges, waves and the river Maas.

A stone’s throw from the hotel is the trendy Luxor Theater, the Nederlands Fotomuseum and the new Rottedam International Film Festival.

The spectacular building of Las Palmas is a discovery. Here, both the cafe, the rave scene and an exquisite fish restaurant are shaped like a “bubble” on the roof.

There is therefore a lot of everything to see in this area that is claimed to be the largest and most exciting construction site in Europe. Here, top artists like Renzo Piano, Mecanoo, Rem Koolhaas and OMA and Sir Norman Foster put their mark on the environment.

Accepted by hotel chain

In 2001, after eight years of operation, Hotel New York was taken over by the WestCord hotel chain.

This does not seem to have affected the original and unique design atmosphere, the whole of the place is the least.

This hotel never forgets you

SOV AS A KING. In room 1022 there is both floor space and ceilings. There are a number of these mega rooms. Some with solid fireplaces. The original blankets in the room are rehabilitated. Photo: RIB

Prices for double rooms start from about $ 1000 for double rooms per night.

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This hotel never forgets you

BETWEEN THE TOURS: Hotel New York is located like a black dot between the tallest buildings on the Kop van Zuidlandtungen in the middle of Rotterdam’s harbor pool. This is currently Europe’s busiest construction site. To the left the city’s new landmark, the Erasmus bridge, popularly called the “Swan” sign architect Ben van Berkel. Photo: RIB

This hotel never forgets you

A PLACE FOR CLEAN CIVILS. Check out the long bar with the incredible joinery and designer items. Is it possible to get better? Photo: RIB

This hotel never forgets you

CLASSICAL ELEGANCE: Here reeks of exclusive rosewood, rehabilterte original carpets and polished brass. On the screen you will see some of the playful lines that characterize more rooms. Photo: RIB

This hotel never forgets you

STIMULATORY INTERIOR: Nice reading table in public spaces you encounter everywhere in Holland. This stimulating cultural impact is getting stronger here at home and again, especially in the literature houses that have appeared in several cities. Photo: RIB

This hotel never forgets you

LARGE LETTER: From Romans 205, you have a thorough overview of the River Maas. Photo: RIB

This hotel never forgets you

DELICATE TONER. Room 117 is delicate, almost neutral. But look carefully, you see how incredibly quiet the whole interior, down to the smallest detail, is built up. Photo: RIB

This hotel never forgets you

COMPLETELY IN THE POOL: If you want to take a quick ride on the city, just call a water taxi. Hotel New York in the background. Left-hand high-rise World Port Center designed by Sir Norman Foster, right Montevideo Tower designed by Delft-based Mecanoo. This building is the highest apartment block in the Netherlands. Photo: RIB

The floor floor you have never seen before


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