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This heat pump works best in the explosive cold

Mitsubishi’s new Kirgamine Hara 6.6 peaks Consumer Council’s test.

This heat pump works best in the explosive cold

The so-called Russian wool is spreading over large parts of the country, and even more of it must come according to Dagbladet.

The time is therefore to focus on how to get your house warmest so you can sit in your warm, warm and enjoy.

We published earlier this autumn a test of heat pumps from the Swedish Energy Agency, conducted by SP Sweden’s Technical Research Institute and published here in Norway by the Consumer Council.

The Consumer Council presents another test from SP Sweden’s Technical Research Institute and places a new model at the top of the list.

According to the Consumer Council, Mitsubishi Kirgamine Hara achieves 6.6 the best results ever measured.

It supplies the most heat output of all (only rated by Kirgamine 6,6) that they have tested and have the best annual heat factor (COP) for use in areas with particularly cold climates. The higher the annual heat factor, its lower power consumption and less power billing.

The choice for you with a high degree of heating

This heat pump works best in the explosive cold

This gives the best effect of the heat pump in the cold

According to Jogrim Aabakken, Test Officer at Consumer Council, Kirgamine Hara 6.6 appears to be a very relevant choice for those living in a particularly cold area (inner easternland, inner Finnmark and parts of Troms) and the housing is also large and maybe also badly isolated.

It is the high annual heat factor (annual COP) that enjoys Aabakken and the Consumer Council.

“This, coupled with the class-leading heat effect, means that Hara 6.6 is the best choice for those with high heating needs”, the Consumer Council writes about the heat pump.

In the past, IVT’s Nordic Inverter was 12 KHR-N, which had the best results at the annual COP, but now Kirgamine Hara 6,6 has now taken over the throne.

– This means that, in addition to producing the most heat, it also saves most power when installed in homes with high heat requirements, Aabakken expands to bonytt. no.

Kirigamine Hara 6,6 has a price, ready assembled, at NOK 27 900. This according to Mitsubishi.

IVT and Toshiba good at moderate heat demand

The Kirgamine Hara 6,6 is alone on top of high heat demand, it gets the competition when the heat demand is even.

This heat pump works best in the explosive cold

Quizen that shrinks your power bill

“This does not reach the results achieved by IVT’s 12 KHR-N. Also, the Toshiba Model Daisekai Polar RAS-25SKVP2 earned even better results when it was tested last summer, “the Consumer Council writes, concluding that if you have a relatively small and / or very well-insulated home, both IVT and Toshiba appear as even better alternatives than Mitsubishi heat pump.

“These would actually give you an even lower power bill than Hara 6.6”, they conclude.

How to choose heat pump?

The choice of heat pump will generally involve consideration of several factors such as price, heat output, heat factor and noise. The Consumer Council has set up a wizard for help:

1. How cold is that about your home in January?

This heat pump works best in the explosive cold

A piece of paper reveals whether your house is close

2. What annual average temperature is at your place of residence?

3. How much energy do you have? Based on how much power you have per year. This number will usually be found on the invoices you receive from the network owner and power supplier. Multiply the number by 0.64 (because Norwegian households average spend about 64 percent of the space heating). Example: 20. 000 kWh per year x 0.64 = 12. 800 kWh in heating per year.

Important with qualified assembly

On the site heat pump info. no, operated by the Norwegian Heating Pump Association (NOVAP), it emphasizes, inter alia, the importance of having the heat pump installed by professionals. They recommend that all heat pumps be installed by certified installers, because using a certified installer, you insure against incorrect installation of the heat pump, which can lead to reduced energy savings, defective components, shorter life and working fluid (liquid / gas).

“Please see certificate of certification! The certification is either under the control of NOVAP or a recognized importer”, NOVAP has the right to.

They also emphasize the importance of following the maintenance and service recommendations for the heat pump, as this will maximize the utilization of the heat pump system in terms of performance and service life.

Be critical of super deals and enter contract

The entry of a written contract is also something NOVAP points out.

“A purchase contract should always be in writing and include purchase price, delivery terms, delivery date, payment terms, handling of deviation from offer / contract and handling any disputes. The purchase price should include complete assembly and electrical connection “, it is called on the heat pump info. no.

NOVAP also has sound skepticism about super deals on heat pumps.

This heat pump works best in the explosive cold

– All the pipes exploded, so the house was filled with ice from the inside when we got home.

Do not be fooled by fine brochures and numbers about how much you can save. It is important to get an offer based on your heating needs and your heating costs per day. An estimate of expected savings should come after a home visit by a reseller and / or installer. We strongly warn against buying heat pumps for self-assembly, “they emphasize.

Norwegian Relationships and Known Brand

Information Manager at NOVAP, Einar Gulbrandsen, emphasizes the importance of choosing a pump built for Norwegian conditions, and in this connection, he shows that next year there will be a new standard for energy labeling. The former A-class will receive an addition with A +, A ++ and A +++.

The advantage of increasing the scale is that you as a consumer can easily find the most energy efficient air / air heat pump. The new brand will emphasize that there is a big difference in the performance of heat pumps, “they write on their web pages.

– In general, we tend to advise the consumer to choose a known brand, and also ensure that the plant is fitted by a professional. One can buy the best pump in the world, but if installed improperly, it will save you a lot of savings and break down quickly.. On our website heat pump info. no, the consumer will find a list of installers approved by us.

Gulbrandsen also has the right to ask for a reference project, as well as to purchase from a supplier who has an importer in the back because it provides additional security in relation to the complaint.

Three important terms

Heat factor is usually called COP (Coefficient of Performance). Describes the ratio of pump power output to heat and power input. 2.0 in heat factor / COP means that the pump produces twice as much heat as a regular panel oven would have done with the same energy consumption.

Annual heat factor (“COP-year”) describes the heat factor a pump manages to produce over an entire year. The higher the annual heat factor, the lower the power consumption and the lower the electricity bills on you. One of two factors The Consumer Council has chosen to emphasize in our analysis.

Heat effect describes how much heat the pump manages to produce under certain conditions. Generally stated in kilowatt (kW). 1 kW = 1. 000 watts. The heat output will usually decrease with decreasing outdoor temperature. The higher the heat output, the greater the chance that the heat pump will manage to keep your home warm. One of two factors The Consumer Council has chosen to emphasize in our analysis.

Source: Consumer Council


In its test, the Consumer Council has placed relatively less emphasis on noise, because it will often be a subjective size.

– We do not recommend placing excessive emphasis on the noise measurements in the Energy Agency’s test. Noise is perceived differently and it may not be that everybody finds that the pump that produces the lowest decibel in the laboratory is the pump actually experienced as the quietest. To be sure not to be annoyed by noise, you should therefore consult a neighbor or dealer and listen to the pump with your own ears, Aabakken.

Maintenance Important

According to Gulbrandsen, an air / air heat pump has an expected life span of 10 years.

– But it can work well for 15 years. However, it is crucial for the lifetime that there is a regular maintenance. We recommend service every other year.

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