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This gives the best effect of the heat pump in the cold

If you try to set the heat pump to the maximum when it’s cold, use that mistake.

Nearly 500,000 Norwegians have installed heat pump because they provide a better heating economy. The majority of the installations are air-to-air pumps. The challenge with these, however, is that they have the lowest efficiency when it is coldest. Many will therefore find that the economy in the installation is worse than what one had imagined.

What may be the reason for this is that the heat pump is being used incorrectly when it’s coldest, among other things because it’s turning up to maximum power.

– What happens is that when turning up to maximum power, they will use more electricity, and depending on the model, it will vary depending on the amount of extra heat, explains senior researcher at SINTEF Building Research, Tor Helge Dokka, to Bonytt .no.

– A heat pump will have the best efficiency, economically, if it’s milder than minus 12 degrees.

Forward Burners

This gives the best effect of the heat pump in the cold

A piece of paper reveals whether your house is close

According to sales manager Einar Bøhm of the heat pump supplier EcoConsult, an air-to-air heat pump will meet the basic need for heat.

– So when it gets really cold outside, it will be necessary to supplement with other energy sources. This is because a heat pump should not go to maximum performance when it’s coldest.

– Set it to the lowest comfort zone

The correct use of the heat pump during cold periods, according to Bøhm, is therefore to set it to 21 to 22 degrees. Then set a panel oven or similar to 19 to 20 degrees.

– That way, the heat pump will take care of what we call the base load, while the panel oven can provide the remaining pairs of three degrees. The peak load, as we call it.

The best way to add energy to such periods is to use the wood burning stove for those who are well aware, says Dokka.

The intake takes heat from within

What many according to Bøhm do when it gets particularly cold and you feel that the heat pump is not enough, is to set the thermostat to a maximum.

This gives the best effect of the heat pump in the cold

Except for high power billing

– What happens then is that the outfit rides faster, which in turn means that the automatic defrosting occurs more often. And when the drain gets some of the heat from within, it means that less energy is left to heat inside. This way you end up in a negative circle by turning the thermostat on for example 26 degrees.

Larger heat pump not solution

Air-to-air heat pumps are available with different effects, and many have purchased high performance pumps to ensure that they are in low temperatures.

This means Bøhm necessarily is not a good solution.

– If you are only concerned with comfort, the size of the pump does not matter. But if you bought the pump to get the best fuel economy, it will probably not be a profitable investment with the biggest pumps. This is because the number of days of extreme cold is not so many in a year, and when the biggest pumps cost more thousands of more, it will be difficult to earn additional costs on the few extreme days.

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