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The new part is wrapped in the old one.

Some would argue that good architecture should surprise, others would like the aesthetics of architecture to be soft and docile.

But when building is to be renewed, the first approach is often chosen; the break with the original.

It often creates good experiences and sensations of dynamics and movement towards a new horizon.

The Australian architectural firm FMD Architects has redesigned an extension in Melbourne. The mission was to create a new living area, move in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as improve the incidence of light.

The only explicit requirement of homeowners was to find space for three wall embroideries belonging to the homeowner’s mother.

Sew together old and new

The architects tell the click. no, that their design approach is always about expressing the particularities of the projects.

– So, when we explored the traditions of wall embroidery and nails, we came up with the idea of ​​sewing the old part along with the new, thin wooden bow, which runs like threads in a tissue, explains Fiona Dunin.

And so it became. The new part is in many ways wrapped in the old one.

This front page is just a backdrop

PORTAL: Arrange in a glue tree near a portal, and see how the arches continue into the interior. (PHOTO: Peter Bennetts)

This front page is just a backdrop

SEASONS: The idea of ​​the arches is that they will create connections to threads in a piece of cloth that joins old and new parts. This pattern is also caught in the caves. SPEILING: A mirror set up in the middle of the garden creates extra depth. Photo: Peter Bennetts

An oasis in the city center

The architects describe a process where a dark and moist Victorian garden has been transformed into an oasis.

– A sense of space and openness is a luxury that is rare to find in town homes. The space series creates a comprehensive yet varied experience of the room, describes Dunin.

No clear limits

What characterizes the construction is the use of narrow arches of plywood, which exist both outdoors and indoors and which will describe the idea of ​​a seam pattern that binds the pieces together.

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BATH: From the bathroom with the shower in the background. VISITED FORM: Throughout the home, conscious choices have been made regarding the use of the form, such as the bathroom in which the triangle in the podium of the sink is caught in the mirror. Photo: Peter Bennetts

That way there is no clear boundary between the outer and the inner; Architecture and landscape flows into the interior and the opposite.

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BEDROOM: The bedroom has access to the garden. (PHOTO: Peter Bennetts)

– So while the plot and the place have a compact expression, a unified experience of the interior and exterior creates the curves running inside and out and establishing a physical and visual form expression, Dunin expands and adds:

– The clear designs and references of wall embroidery go through the entire construction so that the old and the new are constantly in dialogue with each other.

To enhance the impression of infinity, a mirror has been set up in the living room.

From inside and out

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COLLECTION: From the roof runs arches into a unifying post, in the same manner as the wires running in a tissue. MOVEMENT: The different distances between the posts create an exciting movement. Notice how the bars are closed in a bench. Photo: Peter Bennetts

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VIFTE: The roofs “the threads” fold out nicely. (PHOTO: Peter Bennetts)

The arches of chipboard start completely inside the original part of the house and run all the way to the end of the living room.

Inside, they run from the floor and end up in the roof, and in some places they are assembled in posts, as if they were threads in a tissue.

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LIGHT LENS: The natural light emits both from the roof and from the garden. (PHOTO: Peter Bennetts)

This front page is just a backdrop

You do not guess what this house is made of

In the living room, the arches move in perpendicular fracture, from the ground up to the air and back to the ground.

The outer arch embraces the entire living room, to mark the end both on the archway but also to illuminate the end of a house.

– And the seam pattern is also caught in the hallway of the living room, Dunin describes.

Local Materials

The bones that are in the living room and moving in perpendicular fractures are also intended to create cooling shadows on the sunny days.

– And gradually green plants will grow over the arches and enhance the shadow effect, complementing Dunin.

The architects have been aware that the materials should, as far as possible, be short-lived.

Because the materials are simple and cheap, they are used in a creative and rich way, Dunin expands.

She adds that they have been very aware of the light and aeration when they formed the structure.

– Openings and rooms have been planned so there is lightning and airing all day. We have also established a water dam in the garden that adds extra cooling.

This front page is just a backdrop

STILRENT: Straight lines characterize the entire home and give it a distinct form expression. (PHOTO: Peter Bennetts)

This front page is just a backdrop

WHOLE WEATHER: The thin beams run all the way from the kitchen to the garden (PHOTO: Peter Bennetts)

This front page is just a backdrop

LONG STRACT: The architect’s task was to create a new living room as well as move on kitchen and bathroom, and they brought inspiration from old wall embroideries to tie the old and new pieces together. (Ill. : fmd architects)


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