This forest grows on a skyscraper

You do not believe it until you see it, but this forest grows upwards.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

There are many who strongly engage in the fact that areas with parks and nature must be preserved in the world’s big cities. Towns all over the world, who may live far from forest and nature, create their own oases by using balconies and roof terraces for their own small parks.

In Milan, the architects from Boeri Studio are in the process of creating a much-featured and unique piece of architecture. As seen from the design and architecture site Freshome, the architects are in the middle of the project they have called Bosco Vertical, the vertical forest. The buildings to be completed by the end of 2012 will consist of a collection of skyscrapers in central Milan – and will be home to the world’s very first vertical forest.

According to the website, the project comes as a response to the fact that nature in the metropolis of Milan is getting further and further away as the city grows to a large extent and the environment in the industrialized city is becoming more and more polluted.

– Nature and its access disappeared more and more from everyday life to the Milanans, explains architect Stefano Boeri to the Freshome website.

– Our goal was to bring some of it back back.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

BETTER CLIMATE: The architects want the buildings to contribute to a better environment and climate in central Milan. Photo: Boeri Studio

The renowned Milanese architectural studio Stefano Boeri Architetti is behind the much-refurbished Bosco Vertical, or Vertical Forest project, as it is called in English. Skyscrapers, who will become private apartments when the project is completed, is currently a giant building site in the middle of the metropolis of Milan.

This exciting project was designed with the goal of planting forest in height, enabling residents and neighbors to enjoy fresh air in the urban environment. Milan is one of Europe’s most polluted metropolitan areas, and as part of a major environmental project, the suggestions came on these unique and innovative skyscrapers on the table.

Better air with more trees

– Bosco Vertical creates new green areas in an over-industrialized city, providing new opportunities for offering residents a safer and healthier urban environment, it is explained on the architect’s website.

There is no doubt that more projects will be needed and built to create a healthier and better urban landscape in the years to come, Michele Brunello, one of Stefano Boeri Architetti, CEOs, says to the bristly newspaper Daily Mail..

The two planned towers, measuring 110 and 76 meters respectively, are located in the center of Milan and have created major debates in the city.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

GREEN HOUSE: How are the architects looking to see the Milan towers when they are finished?. Photo: Boeri Studio

This forest grows on a skyscraper

MILANO: Two fashionable skyscrapers are being built in the fashion city. Photo: Boeri Studio

– The goal of the entire Bosco vertical project was to be able to blend together vegetation and urban architecture, explains Brunello.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

This is what we call office landscapes

To get to the “forest” to grow on the buildings, large balconies in concrete will perform a double function like “flower boxes” large enough to hold trees. According to the architects, this will contribute to the experience of a dense “forest” that stretches across the building. The vegetation planted in the giant concrete boxes will all have a height that varies between 3, 6 and 9 meters.

Vertical Forest

Once the two towers have been completed, they will cross the rest of the city’s residential area and combined home to more than 730 trees, 5,000 shrubs and 11,000 small plants.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

OUT IN NATURE: Should you buy an apartment here, you should not only determine the size and location, but also what plants you want on the balcony. Photo: Boeri Studio

According to the architects, the idea behind the number of trees and plants is that if you were to take the buildings out of the picture, the amount of trees, plants and vegetation would equal the same amount that would naturally grow in the same area – when you take the height of the buildings included in the measurement. Simply and simply, you make 10,000 m2 of woods and greenery – in height.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

Here they lift off the roof and build new top floor

Each apartment will have a balcony of trees and plants that will be able to adapt to the weather and lighting conditions of the city. During the summer, the plant will provide shade to the apartments while at the same time it will help filter the city’s pollution, while in winter the bare trees will ensure that light flows into the houses.

Each of the buildings in Bosco Vertical would on flat land, in the amount of trees, represent the same forest density as 10. 000 square meters of forest.

According to the architects, the idea behind the buildings is that they should be a system that optimizes and produces energy.

– The diversity of plants and their characteristic properties produce humidity, absorbs CO2 and dust particles, produces O2 and protects against radiation and noise pollution, which both improves living conditions and saves energy.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

SNART KLAR: The much-discussed buildings in the center of Milan will be ready by the end of next year. Photo: PHOTO / ILLUSTRATION: Boeri Studio

Heavy price tag

This forest grows on a skyscraper

This is the world’s best house

Buying a new apartment in the Bosco Vertical project will not suit those with a slim wallet. Here are the smallest apartments, which are about. 80 square meters, on just over 650. 000 euros. The Penthouse apartments, which extend over 200 square meters, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, have a price tag of just under 2 million euros.

The 27 storey high skyscrapers will have used 730 trees, 5,000 small bushes and 11. 000 plants reach once more next year are ready for relocation.

Director of the project and director of Boeri Studios, Michele Brunello, explains that the idea of ​​the special buildings was conceived after a local three-planting project in Milan.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

GREEN HOME: The range of trees and plants that will grow in this “forest” is carefully selected. Photo: ILLUSTRASJON: Boeri Studio

Building in height, however, saves on the use of land space, a valuable resource in a big city.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

The habitation of the Sognefjord is celebrated in The New York Times

– With these apartments, we offer the same quality and comfort as a much more expensive house, without having to resort to the resources that a “normal” house would have required, explains Brunello.

– On top of all, we have created a building that will be a symbol of how sustainable urban renewal must be further. We believe that we have taken a giant step into the future with our Bosco Vertical project.

Municipal Trees

The architects point out that it will be exciting to see how the new homeowners will relate to the planting as they move into their homes in a year’s time.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

ANYWHERE: It’s not those with a slim wallet that’s going to buy an apartment in Bosco Vertical. Photo: Boeri Studio

– The trees will not belong to the individual apartment, but be communal and belong to their entirety, “explains Brunello of Stefano Boeri Architetti.

This forest grows on a skyscraper

Nearer street do not live – without staying on the street

– This means that all trees and plants have been picked out by the designers who work with the building to be adapted in height and correct side of the building.

Security has been a hot topic during the construction of the controversial towers, and the vegetation to be planted required careful planning.

– If a tree blew down from these heights it would create a high security risk. Therefore, we have tested that the diversity of trees in strong wind turbines to make sure we chose correctly, explains Michele Brunello.

When the project is completed by the end of 2012, it will accommodate the same number of inhabitants as 50. 000 square meters of normal urban housing.

The skyscrapers will not only be home to ordinary milanese but also to insects, birds and small animals usually found in Milan’s city parks.

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This forest grows on a skyscraper

World’s first vertical forest in Milan. Photo: ILLUSTRASJON: Boeri Studio

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This forest grows on a skyscraper

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This forest grows on a skyscraper

OPP, OPP: It takes a little planning to get a forest growing upward. Photo: ILLUSTRASJON: Boeri Studio


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