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This Christmas decoration is strongly advised

Christmas and Christmas decorations

This Christmas decoration is strongly advised

Christmas is the time of living light, but it also means that the risk of fire is increasing. And in particular decorations and other Christmas related objects imply a challenge. Many of them are made of granbare and reinlav, and it burns quickly if it fires.

We’ve tested how fast it goes from a decoration antennas until it’s overt. And it went fast. After almost two minutes, most of the decoration burned.

– We strongly advise strongly on combustible materials in decorations that are used with candles, “says Varabrands in Asker and Bærum Fire Department Terje Albinson.. no.

– Unfortunately, there are no approval requirements for this type of product in Norway, but the fire department recommends the public to check that the products they purchase have a CE approval.. It does not necessarily say anything about fire safety, but that the product satisfies some standard. Nevertheless, this shows that the manufacturer takes minimum responsibility for his products. But we also know that there is a lot of selling that has no form of approval.

Albinson draws on decorations that are basically not ready for light but can still be used.

– Such decorations can be experienced as an invitation to be used with candles.

That decoration click. The test had a donut shape, where it was easy to place a cube light in the middle.

– We generally understand that people want to use candlelight, but it’s about care, for example, not leaving a room for a long time when it burns one or more lights, Albinson expands..

Pets, children and candles

The Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) has set up a number of safety tips for the use of living light.

The frehews, among other things, that the one who turns a candle is also responsible for turning it off and that all candles must be turned off before going to bed.

This Christmas decoration is strongly advised

The grip that reveals bad Christmas trees

DSB also emphasizes that you should not place a candle light next to drafts, and make sure that curtains can not come into contact with the light or that the candlestick can fall.

Furthermore, they discourage letting children and youngsters handle light on their own. Nor should you allow pets to be in a living room.

And when you turn off the light, it is also important to take. “Keep your hand behind the flame when you blow out the light”, is the advice from DSB.

Full two-minute fire

Click made a controlled attempt with a Christmas decoration to check how fast it burned up. The decoration consisted mainly of cones and hemp bites. This was wrapped around a circular core of what we perceived as polystyrene (isopor).

The experiment was done outdoors and the decoration was laid on a stone hill. We had two decorations. In the first attempt, the decoration was laid so that a smaller part of it stuck outside the stone hill, while in the second attempt the decoration was laid in the middle of the stone hollow.

Within two minutes of the first attempt, the decoration was more or less overturned (see video below). In the second attempt, it took a little longer before the flames had grabbed the entire decoration. We assume that this is due to the fact that the flames in the first attempt were given a greater supply of air due to the fact that the substructure of the decoration was partly free.

Dramatic Fire Development

Lighting in Christmas trees becomes smaller and less used, but when used, they can represent a fire hazard.

This Christmas decoration is strongly advised

Do this to prevent the tree from sprinkling

– We know that some people think that candlelit is the only thing that suits a Christmas tree, but in a matter of seconds the tree can be overt if it takes fire. And it does not take more than half a minute before the flames have spread to the whole living room, “says Albinson..

The video below shows the drama in Albinson’s description.

Go for a security round before you go

Communication advisor at the insurance company, If, Sigmund Clementz, recommends a security round before going to bed.

– Then you can check if there is any candle that stands and burns. You should also disconnect any electronics that stand and leave, he expands over clicks. no.

This Christmas decoration is strongly advised

One of the lights collapsed in the test

– Our advice is that electronics, such as mobiles and tablets, should only be charged when you are alert and can monitor it. Overheating may occur or the electronics may have a weakness or failure that causes fire. We have constant examples, unfortunately.

Shutdown Available

According to Albinson, it is a requirement that all homes have approved fire extinguishers. The rules for what can be changed were changed in 2010. Previously, the handcutter was required for a minimum of 6 kg of ABC powder, nine liters of foam / water or fire hose. Now, according to DSB, a minimum of six liters of foam / water apparatus has been allowed or “other manual extinguishing equipment with equivalent extinguishing capacity” as they write on their web pages.

– Our recommendation is to have a house fire hose and in addition have a extinguisher on each floor, Albinson expands, which has a nine kilo foam device in the bedroom.

– If a fire occurs, you can not reach the extinguisher, and then such a foam device may be crucial.

There is so-called extinguisher foam to be purchased. This is something Albinson and his colleagues do not recommend or discourage.

– But there may be something to help with if a small ignition occurs, such as a candle falling.

The video below shows the effect of such foam on a smaller fire.

This Christmas decoration is strongly advised

This is fatal

Fire-fighting agents

There are funds to be purchased that have a fire retardant effect. Albinson is unsure of such products, partly because you do not know how long the fire retardant effect lasts.

– The best thing is to have candlesticks that are clean, tidy and non-combustible..

More fires in Christmas

Terje Albinson says that there are more firefalls in Christmas and winter. This is supported by the figures the industry organization Finans Norge has.

– December is the worst fire month, closely followed by January. Now in the winter we use more candles and open fire. Remember that alcohol and candles can be a dangerous combination, says communications manager Stine Neverdal to the organization’s websites.

– Higher power consumption is also a contributing factor, Albinson expands.

– And in a stressful Christmas season, you might forget to turn off the candle on your way out the door.

This Christmas decoration is strongly advised

This extension could be your

Albinson also draws attention to the use of fat in Christmas. This is also a source of fire.

And by all means do not pour water into it if the fat or the lump is firing.

Shortening and gross negligence

It is a general rule in insurance law that gross negligence may cause a reduction in payment. So what happens if you have a flammable Christmas decoration that poking and damaging your home?

– All insurance companies make individual assessments of each fire, but a common Norwegian Christmas celebration, with touches of decorations, will usually be within the limits of what is acceptable, says Sigmund Clementz.

– The gross negligence occurs, for example, when you are idle in the use of open fire inside or consciously did not act actively to limit damage. But our opinion is that most people are awake and understand what can be flammable.

In the Finnish Appeals Committee’s case of shortening and where candles have been a fire cause, the time-point committee is primarily focused on.

“In a large number of cases, the board has considered that it is grossly negligent to leave lit candles over a long period of time,” they wrote in one of their decisions that favored the insurance company.

30-60 minutes absence, as in this case, the board received the conclusion that: “So far absent from living light results in a significant fire risk. This risk was further accentuated by the fact that the light was in a flammable light cuff and was placed on a desk near combustible material in the form of paper and newspapers. This indicates sharpened care when leaving the room “.

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