This chair can withstand most of it

It has been a prestige to find out how much the world’s most robust chair can withstand.

This chair can withstand most of it

This chair can withstand most of it

EVIG FIN: 1006 Navy Chair survives bombs and grenades. And the shape never goes out to date. Photo: Emeco

In an empty warehouse, someone has rigged to a fifteen meter long knit. On one wall of the wall there is a flash.

The projectile is of a strange caliber: it is a chair. But it’s not an ordinary kitchen chair.

This is Navy Chair, also known as the world’s most robust chair – an obvious candidate if you want to cultivate the industrial style.

The goal of the catapult test is not to hit the center of the flash. The point is to demonstrate that this furniture survives everything.

Buns, pudding and ketchup

Other dogs throw it out of the window on the sixth floor, or shoot it with a rifle. Once again, others are kettled with ketchup.

It’s all being filmed and sent to the manufacturer or posted on youtube.

They do not do it by hate, but by enthusiasm.

Get chairs get through more than “1006” and nobody can withstand treatment better.

The phenomenon says a lot about many Americans’ views on amusement.

But first and foremost, it says something about the furniture’s superb quality.

Click on the image below and watch video of the catapult test

The chair was made for a specific purpose: the US Navy needed seaworthy chairs for its vessels during the war.

Such a chair must be easy and it should be able to withstand a move.

It was impossible to survive an unruly dinner party – ideally it would come to hell through German or Japanese bombing. In addition, it should be a courtesy of the soldiers and officers who should actually sit on it.

The Navy Chair, “The Navy Chair” was created through a collaboration with the aluminum producer Alcoa and the new equipment manufacturer Emeco.

This chair can withstand most of it

CATAPULT TEST: Here, Navy chair is slid against a brick wall using a giant crush. Photo: Youtube

Material selection was obvious: Aluminum is strong and weighs about. one third of steel. But what about the design?

This chair can withstand most of it

Here are the largest interior trends

This chair can withstand most of it

The design chair you can afford

This chair can withstand most of it

That’s why this chair costs 80. 000 kroner

Inspired by pinup model?

The chair was designed by an anonymous engineer in the Navy. He based the sketch on a wooden chair that was popular in the 30’s.

The shape was neutral, it was easy to equip, and hopefully made a pleasant recognition to the users – a point that was not insignificant at a time when morale might need a boost.

Maybe that’s why, too, the theory that the seat was shaped after a rump for the pinup model, Betty Grables was born. Most men had a daring photograph of her, and everyone knew her well-behaved forms.

There is naturally no evidence that Grable was a model for the seat. It would also be ergonomically unfortunate as most users were men.


It was not primarily the look that made the chair a success.

This chair can withstand most of it

STRONGER STOLES: Marketing has changed over time, but the product is still the same. Here the variant with armrests and padded seat is shown. Photo: Emeco

Cold War and Hot Design

  • When the cold war was over and the threat changed, there was no longer any need for new aluminum chairs. The hundreds of thousands of chairs that the Navy had was still intact.
  • When Giorgio Armani made a reservation at the end of the nineties, Emeco’s new owner, Gregg Buchbinder, realized that Navy Chair could become a trend object.
  • Navy chair is no longer used only on US warships, in prisons, schools and other public institutions. It has also captured hip sushi restaurants, trendy hotels and identity-conscious architectural offices.
  • Today, Emeco sells chairs in fifty countries across the world. Agent in Norway is Henrik Ohlson AS.

Innovation lies in the production method, which is primarily a smart piece of engineering.

By utilizing fresh knowledge from the aircraft industry, it was possible to use soft aluminum to make liquid shapes.

A total of 77 maneuvers were needed from cast to finished chair. Today production is still taking place in the same way. The improvement lies in the utilization of the raw material.

Recycled and recyclable

Initially, new aluminum was used as a raw material, a costly and resource-intensive material. Now the chair is made of materials that have previously been used for something else.

Today, 80 percent of the material is recycled aluminum; mainly from noise boxes and industrial waste.

And the chair itself is a hundred percent recyclable.

However, the chance that you need to recycle it is minimal.

The chair is made for eternity and simply does not break. Even if someone tries for hard life.

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This chair can withstand most of it

BLANK FINISH: Polishing is required to make a mirror-colored surface. Photo: Emeco

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