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This camera explains high power billing

Here’s how to check if the property is pulling.

This camera explains high power billing

When the winter is approaching, many people worry naturally about how the heating costs can be kept down while keeping the heat at the same level.

– Most people talk about isolation, but there is a lack of density that is the main reason for cold homes, says Senior Senior Engineer Karl Grimnes in Thermography and Metrology AS to Bonytt.com

Residential windbreaker

Grimnes explains that it is the wind barrier that stops the cold air. It is covered at the top of the wall and hidden by the outer covering.

Therefore, it is difficult to detect errors. In addition, poorly mounted plastic film is a common cause of pull.

– If it’s cold outside, you’re welcome to wear a sweater. If it gets extra cold, you may take one more, but blowing it does not help to put on another sweater.

– You must wear windbreaker – and windbreaker can be referred to as the house windbreaker, emphasizes Grimnes, who has long experience as a thermographer.

This camera explains high power billing

ENERGY APPEARANCE: Air leaks give energy loss when hot air leaks out and cold outside air enters the home. A thermometer measurement and documentation can cost from 5. 000 to 25. 000 kroner. Photo: Thermography and Measurement Technique AS

Infrared radiation

This camera explains high power billing

The oven on the right saves you 15 bags at

Thermographing is done with infrared camera that is sensitive to infrared radiation. The camera resets infrared rays to temperatures. This means that you can see the temperature differences on surfaces corresponding to a photograph.

Thermography can be performed on new and older buildings without damaging the building being controlled.

Gives energy loss

To check air leakage, it is by mimicking the leaks in a housing by exposing the housing to upper and lower pressure.

This camera explains high power billing

The candle test reveals the windows

Pressure difference is created by installing a fan in a doorway and sealing all controllable air valves. Undesirable airflow through floors, walls and ceilings can then be checked against permitted air leakage as required by technical regulations.

If you have high power billing without proper explanation, the answer may be the answer.

Air leaks give energy loss when hot air leaks and cold outside air enters the home. This gives higher power billing, less comfort and, in addition, air migration can increase the risk of condensation, rotting and fungus growth, according to Enova.

Energy in the wind

Half of Norwegians have either acquired, or consider providing, energy-saving solutions at home as a result of last winter’s high electricity prices.

This camera explains high power billing

INFRARED: This image shows a hatch in a house taken by a thermographer. An image analysis will give you tips on how to seal the best possible. Photo: Thermography and Measurement Technique AS

21 percent have already invested in this, 18 percent are considering it and 9 percent have done both, according to a survey conducted by Norstat for FINN assignments.

This camera explains high power billing

The tricks you save a thousand flaps in winter

Among those who have purchased energy-saving solutions, heat pumps are most popular, followed by light bulbs, fireplaces or furnaces and spare showers.

Among those who consider this, the heat pumps also peak the statistics, then the light bulbs and sealants in the doors and windows.

Price of Control

Norske Veritas has own certification schemes for building thermographers to ensure that the company has enough basic knowledge. It’s not just about taking pictures, but getting the expert skills to analyze them.

The price of density control and thermography depends on the size of the house, the number of rooms, the standard of the house and the report size.

According to Karl Grimnes in Thermography and Measurement Technique, measurement and documentation can cost from 5,000 to 25. 000 kroner.

Dense well

There are also several companies performing thermography. Fjell-Laft AS in Uvdal is a company that takes pictures both to quality assure their own cabins and to offer the service to others.

General Manager Jon Brun in Fjell-Laft says to the magazine Hytteliv that the major effective measures primarily take place by ensuring that the cabin is dense.

– It’s in the existing building stock you really have a lot to spare. And sealing can make the cottage owner himself, it will take a little while before he finds that comfort gets better, he adds.

This camera explains high power billing

Except for high power billing

The advantage of thermography is that you can see problem areas in the construction of the building without destroying the building. The downside is that you do not save anything on the survey itself. The effect depends on whether you take action later.

Own Checklist

Enova has created a to-do list that it may be smart to look into before you possibly. ordering thermography.

1. Does the supplier have a good reputation? Ask for references and check them. Check that the supplier can and is approved for construction photography.

2. Carefully check what is provided by documentation and supplier references. ‘

3. Check if the vendor delivers a complete solution that includes advice on remedies and measures if you wish, or if he only performs independent control of the state of the property.

4. Check if the vendor has an associated analysis program and reporting tool that ensures good reporting and state-of-the-art documentation.

5. Check that the thermography is performed according to applicable standards.

6. Building photography is complicated and must address many disturbing aspects like wind, atmospheric conditions, temperatures, sunshine m. m. It is important that the supplier knows about this and how heat radiation occurs in buildings. The supplier should also master the equipment well and know the current standards (NS 13187 and 13829).

Det Norske Veritas has its own certification schemes for building thermographers to ensure that the performer has sufficient basic knowledge.

7. Thermography requires a certain temperature difference between outdoor and indoor air for best results. Cold outside air will cool down above the leakage points. Cold and hot areas are detected by the thermal equipment and will appear as dark or light “rays” from the leakage point.

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