This cabin was built in four days

He never found a skillfully crafted suit so he either designed the cabin himself.

This cabin was built in four days

This cabin was built in four days

Created their own summer paradise

This cabin was built in four days

Hefty cottage on Jomfruland

This cabin was built in four days

Half cabin hangs in loose air

This cabin was built in four days

This cabin we do not want

Roger Samdal tells in a click. nos tool forum about his cottage project in Valdres.

Among other things, he designed the cabin himself using a 3D drawing program.

– It all started because I wanted a cabin and eventually found a cabin site I bought, he tells

Then he contacted some craft dealers, but quickly concluded that if he had to get what he wanted, he had to draw the cabin himself.

– There would be too many compromises if I had chosen a skill camp.

This cabin was built in four days

THAT ALREADY MEANS: Using the digital drawing program Autodesk Revit, Roger Samdal designed his own cabin. Photo: Ill. : Roger Samdal

Draw the cabin after the furniture

In collaboration with a friend of construction engineer he ended up with the digital drawing program Autodesk Revit, which he took advantage of the opportunity to try out for 30 days.

– It was a bit of trial and error before I learned how it worked, and it should probably be said that it requires some computer-based insight to be able to get into such a program.

The drawing program he used was laid up so that the furniture was placed already in the beginning. This meant that the cabin was, in turn, designed around the furniture.

In addition, some of the furniture was specially arranged to make the most of the space.

For the same reason, the furnishings in the bedrooms were space-built.

The cabin is ready in four days

This cabin was built in four days

built in Lithuania: Based on the drawings Samdal had kosntruert cottage was built in a factory in Lithuania and transported items to plots for Valdres, where it was set in place element by element. Photo: Roger Samdal

The finished drawings were handed over to the factory in Lithuania in late May.

The final technical calculations were made. Two months later, at the beginning of August, the cabin returned to finished items.

There was a busy cabin owner who looked and looked at when the cabin was hoisted in place. You can see the entire job step by step here.

– What was the big excitement was if the cabin looked down on the wall because there was no room for very big deviations. But it was the millimeter’s vote and it was amazing to see how quickly the cabin came up.

– They started a Sunday afternoon, and on Thursday it was set up.


The cabin is 90 square meters, with four bedrooms and accommodates nine guests.

This cabin was built in four days

BUILDING PERIOD: After a construction period of just over two years, the cottage was ready. At the back of the back you can see Bitihorn stick up. Photo: Roger Samdal

– It is a compact cabin, and therefore there was very little room for mistakes, but everything voted. I have built the beds myself to make the most of the space .

Scheduling essential

Easter 2008, the cabin was ready for use, but it was not until this year that it was completely finished, both inside and outside.

– The most crucial thing for succeeding in such a project is to plan in the smallest detail so that everything fits and hangs together.

Took longer than planned

Throughout the process, there was much to read up for Samdal, for example in connection with the outside work.

“It was my first terrace and slate platter, so much had to be learned first. Fortunately, there are good building descriptions online “, he writes in his post on Utility Forum.

He also had to get into construction jigsaw.

This cabin was built in four days

MIX BEE SELV: The interior of the cabin was stained in a color that Samdal mixed up to himself. Photo: Roger Samdal

While the factory in Lithuania was a dream to work with, the Norwegian contractor, who was responsible for the project, did not quite upset. Therefore, I had to put myself into the bustadopplæringslove to know what rights I had, Samdal told clicks. no.

Very satisfied

Although the project took longer than planned, it is still a very satisfied cottage owner Samdal who has moved into his cabin.

– The cottage has become exactly as I wanted, so in retrospect I am very glad that I completed the project.

– I was absolutely not afraid of this , he says .

Catalog Inspiration

This cabin was built in four days

HARMONIZING INTERIOR: There is a completed interior in the cabin. Photo: Roger Samdal

Ideas for the interior design of the cabin he obtained from the permanent cottage exhibition at Hellerudsletta.

– I also found inspiration in the furniture catalogs of Slettvoll.


When Samdal was to find the right color for the interior bee, he ended up mixing it himself.

“There were a number of pint boxes with interior bays to arrive at the right color mix for the walls,” he writes in the Tool Forum, saying that after 10 exams he was pleased with the result.

The total charge

Total, including a landing price of 500. NOK 000, Roger Samdal’s cottage project cost about NOK 2 million.

And the project has got its own website where he has presented a detailed description of the entire project.

This cabin was built in four days

PLEASED BEDS: The beds in the cabin are custom-made and self-built by Samdal. He has also aging all the beds. Photo: Roger Samdal

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This cabin was built in four days

MODERN BATH: It is a modern cabin Roger Samdal has designed and built for himself. Photo: Roger Samdal


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