This cabin is world-class architecture

So super easy and clean, only an architect-designed cabin can be.

This cabin is world-class architecture

This cabin is world-class architecture

Rescheduled ferry

This cabin is world-class architecture

Do you want to live in a barn?

This cabin is world-class architecture

See how the architects are at home at home

This cabin is world-class architecture

The oven on the right saves you 15 bags at

This cabin is world-class architecture

Dream hut that takes your breath away

The point of the whole construction of this mountain hut is to put the easy outdoor life and mountain feeling in the high seat.

From a distance, the new cabin looks like a common barn or seterbu – a building type there are many of here in the Valdres district.

But the closer we come, we find it something special and original with this discreet cottage building.

This cabin is world-class architecture

CLEANING RATE: When the cabin is closed, there is only a tiny little window at the door that reveals that this is more than a normal seterbu. Extra narrow ore boards cover both walls and ceilings. Photo: Espen Grønli

Clean-cut body

There are several things that capture our attention at the same time.

Firstly, the building body is unusually long and slim, and all windows as well as the door are covered by protective limbs.

These limbs with steel frames are otherwise positioned so that they are flat with the wall.

The result is that the slick building seems smooth and clean-cut all the way around.

In addition, when we get to the yard we find that absolutely all exterior surfaces, ceilings and walls are made of extra narrow ore boards.

The visual effect of this special and solid material usage is graphically elegant and exciting.

Over time, this untreated wood will additionally cheer beautifully and link the cabin further to the terrain.

“Eye” towards the Valdres range.

This cabin is world-class architecture

EYE TO THE SIGHT: Here we see how the large livingroom window in the south wall serves as a close eye to the view. Photo: Espen Grønli

As soon as we enter the large living room, the look is drawn towards the south wall window.

That’s exactly what the architects Atle Aas and Harald Thaulow wanted.

They wanted a dense “eye”, a dominant opening aimed at the view and the endless Valdresviddene.

The top architects have given the fireplace a powerful, clean shape. This fits well with the building.

The frame is made of clay stone. This is a great, warm-baking material with an oveflate that feels like a bit “fat” to touch.

This cabin is world-class architecture

AWESOME VIEWS: From the dominant area of ​​the cabin, the living / kitchen area is the open view of the Yddin and the Valdres. The large living room window in the south wall is perceived as a “painting”. Rugs and pillows from HAY. Sit / lie zone towards the view. Photo: Espen Grønli

Contemporary Style

– The owners wanted a place-efficient family hut with a type of style expression that showed it was built today. Thus, it represents contemporary architecture, says Aas and Thaulow.

They add that this building in the best sense is banal.

This cabin is world-class architecture

SAMSPILL: As the rest of the cabin, the architectural fireplace is simple and clean. Photo: Espen Grønli

This cabin is world-class architecture

KULT KITCHEN: The architect-designed kitchen is designed to open up to nature. It’s nice to have something to hold your eyes on when you worship the food. Photo: Espen Grønli

– If you ask a child to draw a house, it will look a lot like this spartan cabin, says the two authors.

This cabin is world-class architecture

LOUNGEHYGGE: The sleep-down bench is like a lounge area with a view of the canyon. This is the perfect place to enjoy the high mountains. Photo: Espen Grønli

And although the cabin is extremely simple, it is equally well refined and easily understood, durable materials. The main idea behind the project is that the cabin with its shape is to indulge in exactly the place it stands on, ie the pitcher and the wild mountain nature around.

Wallpaper and Dagbladet -winner

When Dagbladet’s expert jury evaluated Norway’s most important newer architectural cabins last year, this Valdres project was number five.

Design critic Erling Dokk Holm gave this commentary:

– This is a cottage which, with its use of, for example, salt roofs on a longer building, relies on traditional Norwegian construction. Even though it is uncompromising in its modernism it has become an obvious part of an old tuna on the high mountain.

It also contributes to the story that this cabin project contributed to the London-based Wallpaper Wallpaper, named Aas / Thaulow to be one of the top 30 architects in the world.

Is this cabin the northernmost?

Super compact forest cabin

Oslo at the architect’s peak

This cabin is world-class architecture

MAGIC EYE: At dusk, in the blue hour it glows in the big room window facing south. The cottage is completely modern, but with roots deeply anchored in Norwegian construction. Photo: Espen Grønli


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