This cabin is under the sand

The sub-cabins are located partially below the sand on a beach on Stokkøya.

This cabin is under the sand

This cabin is under the sand

VIEW FROM THE COAST HOUSES: This is what the beach bar looks like from the terrace of one of the coastal houses. Photo: Anne-Lise Aakervik

Stokkøya seafront

The sub-houses at Stokkøya in Trøndelag were designed by Pir II architects, who also have drawn Stokkøya beach bar and 26 coastal houses, or cottages belonging to Stokkøya Sea Center.

Stay in sublugar

For 1250 kroner you will spend the night in one of the sub-cabins and have lunch at the beach bar.

The project with the buried rooms is located on the beautiful sandy beach of Hosnasand, in Stokkøya, South Trøndelag.

Roar Svenning and cohabitant Torild Langklopp decided to start the project Stokkøya Sjøsenter when they moved home to Roar’s farm on site.

In 2002, they had completed the planning plans for the area.

The first ones they planned were cabins, or coastal houses, in the hill behind the beach. The coastal houses are adapted to nature and built in order to avoid major interference in nature, Torild Langkloppen tells

You can read more about the coastal houses and the Stokkøya development here.

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In the regulation plan, there was also drawn a common house on the beach and “hobbitus”, as Torild calls the sub-cabins.

What would be a little shed on the beach has become the beach bar, which is a popular pick-up place for people in the area.

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– The architecture adds something to the beautiful scenery, and appeals to people who want something extra when they’re going out, “Torild says.

This cabin is under the sand

THE BEACH BAR: The beach bar in the front, the back is the sublugar and the hill houses the coastal houses. Photo: Dan Ågren / Stokkøya Sjøsenter


This cabin is under the sand

ATTENTION: From the beds you can lie and look up in the bowls. Modern decor in all rooms. Photo: Dan Ågren / Stokkøya Sjøsenter

Sub-cabins are the latest addition to Stokkøya Maritime Center. They were completed in May this year.

The wish was that they should be as visible as possible to those living in the coastal homes.

– They have always been thought down in the terrain, says Torild.

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The cabins are thus buried into the sand.

In the ceiling there is a drainer with glass so you can look up in the sky as you lie in bed.

It is covered with peat.


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The ceiling height of the rooms rises towards the exit and the veranda, which is shielded with polycarbonate (transparent hard plastic material).

Designed interior

In each of the special hotel rooms, a bunch of design students have been fond of making furniture and lighting.

– We invited a bunch of design students from Gothenburg and spent 1 week making benches, shelves and lamps, “says Torild.

The result is unique rooms in unique location.

See more pictures of Stokkøya seafront and sub-cabins in the image gallery.

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