This cabin is only 14 square

However, a family of four occupies.

This cabin is only 14 square

This clean-cut mining house of the Palva architectural family lies in a rural terrain just two kilometers from the center of Helsinki, where the owners live and work.

Therefore, the family calls it only for its “dear town hut”.

This cabin is only 14 square

SMELLING: From the small, kiosk-shaped cabin there is a view of the sea. Entrance from the side and rause patio. Design: Verstas Arkitekter. Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo

Entrance and kitchen in one

As the family of four has only 14 square meters available, the cabinets are extremely compact and flexible.

The first zone of the cabin is an entrance / kitchen combination.

From this area, the Japanese model has made a small step up to the dominant level of living and sleeping in the cabin.

– At the planning stage I studied furnishings in boats and caravans. This has resulted in almost everything in the cabin, says architect Jussi Palva to Click. no

Compact as a cab

This cabin is only 14 square

FLEXIBLE: The kitchen is a step down and often becomes a playground for the children. The large window opens the living room towards the green. Photo: Rauno Träskelin

The architect believes that 14 square meters is plentiful to create a complete cabin interior for four people.

This cabin is only 14 square

LEKKERT: It’s no bomb that this cool interior is designed by Finnish architects It’s just as clean and clear as we expect. Photo: Tuomas Uusheimo

The premise is that you think about the same creative way as those who decorate the popular family sailboats.

Jussi has been inspired by the boat people to make sofas along the back wall, which can easily be transformed into sleeping places for three people.

The fourth family member has been sleeping in the attic.

As in a boat, storage space is both inside the fixed fixture and under the floor.

– This is a tiny little cottage, but it is large in proportions. The fine-tempered, aesthetic aesthetics are typical of classical Finnish design and architecture, comments Jan Førster, director of Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute to Clicks. no

Small cabins positive for the environment

  • They require little space in nature and consume little materials.
  • Nor do they roughen the terrain and have a limited heating requirement.
  • This cabin is small enough for it to be heated by solar heating throughout the year.

– The cabin model is also being prepared for series production, says the architect of Click. no.

This cabin is only 14 square

Photo: Rauno Träskelin

See what the architect got with sliding doors

Space-saving solutions

This cabin is only 14 square

LITTLE SIZE, LARGE IN TANKS: You come in from the side of the cabin and straight into the kitchen. The kitchen counter is located along the crossroads and from here you have a full view of the sea. Photo: aapo. Airas

This cabin is only 14 square

FREEDOM: From the sofa / sleeping area there is a clear view of nature. Photo: aapo. Airas

Is this the country’s coolest cabin?


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