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This cabin is going to surprise you

The cabin is not as you think.

This cabin is going to surprise you

There is no doubt that when it comes to both cabins, houses and apartments, it’s actually not so that bigger necessarily always means better. Sometimes location, smart solutions and decor can be trumped over both square meters and space feeling.

And that’s exactly what the Concepttrends website is the case with this compact mountain hut in Austria, where you will soon be willing to forget that it’s a bit cramped about the place and you also surprise you all over what this mini-cabin actually houses.

– This cottage was designed for the purpose of being a holiday home, explains the site Dezeen about the residence in Austria.

– And even though it’s only 45m2, you’ll find everything you might need from the facilities and sleep four.

Cabin with a view

The little strange cabin has an architect Peter Jungmann a little jokingly baptized Uvogel, as a combination of the words “UFO” and “Vogel”, which of course is German for “bird”.

And if you think the cabin looks like an exciting place to spend some relaxing holiday days, yes, just go over the phone. The cottage is for rent.

– In the middle of idyllic Eastern Tyrol you will find the unique Uvogel house, explains the website.

– Here you enjoy the view of the Alps that you have never before – and at the same time enjoy the privacy you do not achieve if you check in at the hotel.

This cabin is going to surprise you

UVOGEL: This cabin looks like a mixture of a UFO and a bird. PHOTO: Ufogel. the /

This cabin is going to surprise you

ALPENE: This cabin is missing size, takes it back on view. PHOTO: Ufogel. the /

Uvogel offers unique views of the Lienz Dolomites mountains, Val Pusteria’s sharp peaks and the so-called “Carinthian Gate”.

– The large panoramic windows provide a view of the mountains, explains the architect of the Hieren website.

– The little lawn at the messanin level also means that the transition between the outdoors and the connection to nature will be extra strong.

Natural Materials

This cabin is going to surprise you

COMPACT: This mountain hut is only 45 m2. PHOTO: Ufogel. at /

This cabin is going to surprise you

AUSTRIA: Just outside of Vienna lies this small cabin – which is actually for hire. PHOTO: Ufogel. the /

Like Norwegian cabins, there are woods that also apply here in Austria. Uvogel is covered with wood, both inside and outside, which contributes to the feeling of being as close to nature as possible and in the same way is neutral enough that the interior does not steal the attention of the spectacular nature around.

– The beautiful wood gives a sense of warmth and softness to the otherwise minimally decorated cabin, explains architect Jungmann at the cab’s rental site..

– The cottage smells of wood and because the materials are used both outside and inside the home, it feels that the boundaries between the inside and inside are not so fixed and defined.

The wood works as it does in terms of creating heat, explains the architect.

– Wood is warm and softens the otherwise tight design furniture and lines.

Spacious on the inside

This cabin is going to surprise you

SOVEPLASS: It is sleeping at least 4 inside the compact cabin. PHOTO: Ufogel. the /

This cabin is going to surprise you

ALPENE: Beautiful view from the cottage PHOTO: Ufogel. the /

This cabin is going to surprise you

KITCHEN: There is plenty of room for cooking inside the cabin. PHOTO: Ufogel. the /

This cabin is going to surprise you

LIGHT COLORS: Large windows and bright colors make the cabin work larger than its 45 m2. PHOTO: Ufogel. at /

Even though the compact cabin looks good – compact from the outside, it’s surprising all that has been placed on the inside.

– Here you will find a spacious kitchen with everything you may need from appliances and equipment, explains the rental site.

– Dining table that without a doubt can seat six and even eight. There are comfortable zones to relax and watch television if you wish, and on the second floor you can find sleeping places.

A double bed can be converted to a sofa when not in use, and the cabin also has bunk beds where two guests can sleep.

Small footprint on the environment

This cabin is going to surprise you

MID IN THE SMORY: Beautiful scenery and just a few kilometers into town, this cabin scores high on location. PHOTO: Ufogel. the /

This cabin is going to surprise you

IN ONE WITH THE NATURE: The architect behind the cabin wanted it to have as little effect on the surrounding nature as possible. PHOTO: Ufogel. at /

This cabin is going to surprise you

CAN BE YOURSELF: This cabin is for rent all year round. PHOTO: Ufogel. at /

According to the Mymodern, the cabin is superb for a holiday trip, in the village of Nussdorf, just a few kilometers from Vienna.

– This area has some of the best places in the country when it comes to mountain views, explains the site.

– And just in view of the spectacular scenery around, the architects built a house designed to minimize environmental disturbance as possible.


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