This cabin hangs 8 meters up in the air

Why have a cabin on the ground when you can live in the trees?

This cabin hangs 8 meters up in the air

This cabin hangs 8 meters up in the air

BUILDING THE SPIRIT: Frode Schei leases huts in the trees in Ringsaker. Here you live together with squirrels and birds, with views to moose and spirit. Photo: Oda Hvem

Click. No writes much about exciting architecture. Did you know, for example, that you can reschedule a container?

Cabin architecture is also included.

We wrote earlier about Svein Høvern, who has built a rocky cottage in a tree in the garden of his sons.

There are several who have done something about childhood dream about a hut in the tree tops.

Frode Schei has made the boy dream to income source.

In Ringsaker municipality, he has built cabins in the trees rented out.

The first cabin that was ready was built among pine trees.

Eight meters up in the air you can sleep among squirrels and birds, and follow wildlife undisturbed from the cabin among the trees.

– Here you live in the middle of nature and experience the nightlife and starry sky, says Frode Schei to the click. no.

– You get a sense of being alone in nature, explains Schei.

The entrepreneur of the company Tretopphytter is a trained forest technician and has worked as a forest warden for 20-30 years. It has been useful that he has knowledge of the forest and local conditions, as well as climbing experience, which he says is necessary to build something up in the tree tops.

This cabin hangs 8 meters up in the air

NATURE PROPERTIES FROM THE TRETOPPES: The view from the cabins is a late winter night. Photo:


This cabin hangs 8 meters up in the air

HOUSE IN LAKE RANGE: This is the second cabin that is ready for a visit. Here the solar cell provides power. Photo:

Frode Schei lives in furuhytta several times a year.

– I’m testing the cabin, taking pictures and movies nature, he says.

– What do you most appreciate at the cabins?

– I feel close to nature, and I really feel I’m coming away everyday, says the three-cabin enthusiasts.

Do you want to do more than be on a trip on the tree tops, you can combine your stay with a dog sled ride. The trails are located right up to the cabins.


Cabin number two, Lerkehytta, is finished.

It is built among slender larch trees. The cabin becomes a more luxurious variant, including solar powered power so you can get your PCs or other technical aids.

– Lerkehytta is perfect for example couples who want to get away completely, and being completely alright, recommends Schei.

Soon the third cabin will be ready. It is located among old spruce trees.

Builds wooden houses in Europe

If you want to own a cabin in the tree, you can order one of Frenchman Alain Laurens. He has built over 120 wooden cabins across Europe.

The Frenchman has a small business outside Apt where the cabins are manufactured. The cheapest variant costs about 100. 000 Norwegian kroner, the most expensive one million, writes the consumer. no.

Read more about Laurens company and wooden cabins at La Cabane Perchée.

building legislation

If you are tempted to build a tree house yourself, you must first enter the Planning and Building Act.

This cabin hangs 8 meters up in the air

STORIES TO PRIVATE PERSONS: The French Treehouse Building Company has received a lot of publicity in European magazines. Photo: Facsimile from La Cabane Perchee.

Most buildings, annexes and small buildings require construction applications.

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