This cabin goes in one with the terrain

The most important thing was that the cabin should not stand out in the terrain. But beyond that, the architect got free playroom.

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

Floor plan over the cabin on Skåtøy. Architect Erik Collett, chalk architects. Photo: Drawing: Cricket Architects

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

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This cabin goes in one with the terrain

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This cabin goes in one with the terrain

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This cabin goes in one with the terrain

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The starting point was that the cabin in Kragerø Archipelago should be discreetly perceived from the sea. That is why architect Erik Collett chose at Kritt Architects to provide the untreated Ospekledning.

Survivor modesty

The cottage is in a pit in the landscape. The facade to the sea is mainly windows that mirror the pebbles and the scattered pines.

The entire cabin is dressed in gray-gray or untreated standing wooden panels of osp, which caves and disappears in the surroundings.

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

POSITION: The many buildings of the cabin have different functions, and between them are many small spaces created that allow you to be outside, regardless of weather. Photo: Espen Grønli

Out as much as possible

– This is a distinguished summerhouse, where you should be out as much as possible.

The transition between the inside and inside should be imperceptible, so the cabin has six entrances, but almost no doors inside, tells architect Erik Collett.

Village cabin

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

INTRODUCTION: The windows are positioned so that no sunlight comes in. The tv is hidden in the space-built pantry. Photo: Espen Grønli

Another grip the architect took to ensure the possibility of being out was to divide the cabin into several buildings, like a small village.

That way he has also created more intimate outdoor spaces.

The main building with kitchen room and bathroom is located in front of the pit. It is elongated, has vaulted ceilings and windows along the entire façade.

– The sluggish rooftop vault collects the room in a completely different way than a brine that just disappears.

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

MORGENSOL: The kitchen is east facing, and the glass facade can be opened so you can eat outside. The dining table is a natural gathering point, not just for meals, but for all kinds of activities indoor. The kitchen interior and dining table are designed by Moolo and adapted on site by Risør carpentry workshop. Photo: Espen Grønli

The curved shape and the large glass surfaces open to the sea view, “says Erik Collett.


You will also get a view from the tower behind the barrel house, because there is a roof terrace. From there, a bridge crosses to the swamp farm and leads onto one of the many trails of the island.

– The owner wanted to use built this way to get direct access to as much of the island as possible, describes Erik Collett.

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

SOV-I-RO: The one who wakes up to such views will look forward to getting up and catching up on the day. On bad days, simply draw the curtains and read a good book. Photo: Espen Grønli

Bedroom at the top

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

PRIVATE AREA: The bathroom is white and bright, but the oak cabinets add to the interior heat. Photo: Espen Grønli

Inside the tower is the master bedroom. From there, there is a great view. But if you want to come to the rest of the cabin, you must first go out.

– Even if you’re forced out of doors, you have the opportunity to get dry for breakfast if it’s going to rain, it’s plattering all the way, describes Erik Collet.

He tells that the whole point of directing people when moving from one area to another is to save the areas for times and traffic.

At the same time you get to know the best qualities of the area, namely the proximity to nature and the sea, in a much more direct way.

The large windows also help eliminate the distinction between inside and out, by dropping the environment into.

– It’s spectacular to sit inside and look at nature, especially when the sky is multiplied by lightning, says the owner.

Tight Interior

The interior is simple and stylish. Everything is painted white, both walls, ceilings and floors.

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

NATURE INN: The many windows provide proximity to nature inside as well. Photo: Espen Grønli

– I was unsure if it would be cold, but the interior designer thought it would create cleanliness and not be in the way of the view, says the owner.

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

SPECIAL DESIGN: The interior company Moolo has together with Risør carpentry workshop made this special bunk bed. At the bottom of the undercarriage there is room for storage, or a secret room that the children love. The ladder, which goes all the way up, emphasizes the ceiling height. Photo: Espen Grønli

All the permanent interior is designed by Moolo, who has also chosen the furniture. All he did was bring his cutlery and toothbrush.

The owner is very pleased with the result.

– The cottage has become resilient, and I still discover something new to the one I like, he adds.


The cabin owner is particularly pleased with the overview the cottage provides.

Being able to keep a watchful eye on the children from the terrace while reading the newspaper peace and quiet gives more freedom to both me and them.

Of all the benefits of the cabin, the owner is still most satisfied with the location.

– The immediate proximity to the sea is amazing. This is a cabin to be used! If I do not use it, friends and family will be able to use it. Here, there will be life all summer!

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This cabin goes in one with the terrain

MATERIALS: The level difference between the living room and the TV room is emphasized with different materials. The ground floor has durable tiles, while the living room has a soft wood floor. Photo: Espen Grønli

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This cabin goes in one with the terrain

WHITE: Inside is everything in white, to create a calm and purity that is not found outside. Variation is ensured through different materials. Photo: Espen Grønli

This cabin goes in one with the terrain

SCREEN TERM: On the terrace there is sun all afternoon, and views to life in the fjord. If the children want to play at the seaside, the parents have full control from here. Photo: Espen Grønli


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