This built by Dovre is named the world’s finest

New prestigious architectural award for Snøhetta.

This built by Dovre is named the world's finest

Norwegian architects mark internationally, among other things, this home in the Sognefjord was featured in The New York Times.

And recently, the architects in the Snowy Award won the World Building of the Year in the Visitor Center category.

– It is a good idea to get such recognition despite the fact that the building is both small and has a much less complex program than many other projects. We have previously won the library in Alexandria and with the opera house in Oslo, but never within this category, says landscape architect Knut Bjørgum in Snøhetta Oslo AS.

Own Media Program

Bjørgum was project manager for the design of the pavilion for Norsk Villreinsenter, which in cooperation with the Norwegian National Inspectorate uses the building for teaching and nature guidance for school classes and visitors.

The site is spectacularly situated on the outskirts of Dovrefjell National Park with a direct view of the Snøhetta massif.

A fun point in itself with regard to who got the assignment.

This built by Dovre is named the world's finest

Built modern family residence on the 17th century ruins

The building was completed in June 2011 and has a surface area of ​​90 square meters with seating for approx. 35 people.

According to Bjørgum, the architectural idea builds on the relationship between nature and culture, which is also central to the Villreinsenter’s dissemination program.

On Hjerkinn you find traces of human use of nature for millennia – from hunting and mining to mining and the Armed Forces shooting range.

Insight View

This built by Dovre is named the world's finest

COLLECTION: Tverrfjellhytta is a unique and robust building that both further develops traditional building traditions and creates a protected gathering place in the mountain landscape at Hjerkinn. Photo: deep-shooting designer. the

Tverrfjellhytta must provide insights. That way, at least the working title sounded.

– We wanted to create a site that was free of signage and information. The view is spectacular in itself and the building should be an open space where you can enjoy peace and contemplation, and maybe some new thoughts, explains Bjørgum.

The budget was sober and challenging, while emphasizing the quality and durability of material use so that the building will withstand the harsh climate in the mountains.

In Norwegian consciousness, Dovrefjell also represents the eternal, unchangeable, so it is possible to hope that it says “till Dovre falls”, Bjørgum fleees.

Duration and Material Usage

The rectangular building body was placed transversely to the direction of fall with the longitudinal side towards the Snøhetta massif. The shape of the building is based on the contrast between a precise outer shell and a soft inner core.

This built by Dovre is named the world's finest

NATURAL COMPREHENSION: The relationship between nature, culture and the mythical mountain landscape at Dovre is both central to the Villreinsenter’s dissemination program and forms the basis for the architectural idea of ​​the building. Photo: Ketil Jacobsen

The wood itself is intended to create a warm and protected gathering site that captures the spectacular view.

This built by Dovre is named the world's finest

Perfect house on minimal plot


As it grows low, the building will slide well into the high mountain landscape, it is stated in the project description.

The steel has references to mining operations, the rocky rock and the amounts of metals today being cleared by the closed shooting range. The wooden structure is also manufactured by the wooden boat construction Djupvaag AS in Nordheimsund. Using a digital 3D model, the shape is tempted in 10-inch pine trees.

The entire construction is thus assembled with wooden plugs, without the use of neither glue nor screws.

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