This box is something different than you might think

Here we speak original floor plan!

Five years ago, the family decided to move from houses of more than 200 sqm to an apartment of about 100 sqm. They came across an apartment project at Fornebu outside Oslo that satisfied the couple’s needs.

Because we got into the process early, we also had the opportunity to influence the plan solution even before construction started. Along the way, there were some challenges, but we had a skilled architect who always had such good opportunities and solutions when we felt we met the wall.


Civil Architect Harald B. Lode chose to box in the private zone of the residence. It is dressed with oil-treated oak, the same as the flooring material. This gives the feeling that the floor continues up along the wall while providing fabricity to the wall surfaces,

The wooden box works as an installation in the home. At the top there are narrow glass panels that shine light into the wardrobe and the bathroom.

This box is something different than you might think

PROTECTION, The oak box that holds the bathroom and wardrobe is like a furniture in the room. The oak parquet is laid in all rooms except the spring room. The walls are painted white NCS S 0500-N. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

This box is something different than you might think

ON SKINNER. Sliding doors in frosted glass shine and divide the rooms. In the outskirts, the parquet is replaced with stone tiles. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

Flexible space

That’s just the sliding doors in the apartment, frosted doors with solid hinges in to the bathroom and wardrobe. Between the master bedroom and the living room there is, however, a whole wall that can be pushed aside if the residents want more space.

– The apartment is completely different from a traditional house with fixed rooms, and it gives us a completely different utilization of the area. We enjoy living and kitchen in one, and the opportunity to open the folding wall into the bedroom gives us flexibility. If we have many guests, we open the wall and get a larger living room or we can open up to bring the fireplace into the bedroom.

Recycled Materials

In addition to the master bedroom, there are guest rooms with their own toilet next door. The bathrooms are decorated with ceramic mosaic tiles. The sink and the bath are in recycled plastic material. The space on the narrow bathroom is maximized, among other things the cabinet with mirror is partly built into the wall.

Selected Items

Even though the space has become smaller, we still miss nothing. When we moved, we were given the opportunity to rid ourselves of old things we had been lying in the loft and in the cellar for several years. We moved out of the house before the apartment was ready, and therefore had to put the moving stock in stock for a period of time. As a result, we did not move everything into the apartment at the same time, but gradually. That way, it became easier to see what we would take care of and what we wanted to get rid of.

The Architect’s Thoughts

This box is something different than you might think

INN TO BATH. The bathroom is attached to the bedroom and is separated by a sliding door in frosted glass. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

This box is something different than you might think

BATH IN BOX. The bathroom fitting consists of a long bench, with double sink. Under the bench it is completely open, and there is therefore room for both trash and laundry basket. On the other hand, there is a closet space behind the mirrors, which are really door doors. The floor and the half wall are tiled with beige mosaics. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

This box is something different than you might think

GARDEROBE STARTED. The wardrobe is right behind the living room wall and has a good storage space. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

This box is something different than you might think

bib. A nice black fireplace is recessed in the white wall. Contrastful and cozy. Photo: Sveinung Bråthen

These are some of the grips civilian architect Harald B. Lode did:

  • Box . In the middle of the room is an “oak box” placed in the bathroom and wardrobe. The oak box is encircled by the living room consisting of entrance hall, bedroom, kitchen and living room. Romsons can be opened with easier grip.
  • Glass . Because the apartment is high and has a lot of light, the architect entered a glass field in the upper part of the box’s inner walls. This to bring daylight into all the room zones.
  • XXL . The apartment measures 2, 60 ceilings, 20 cm more than usual standard. Due to the open solution, no ventilation channels were required for all rooms. The roof was therefore lowered only 5 cm to provide electrical leads.
  • Colors and materials. The color scheme is Nordic, light and easy with inspiration from the sea and beach. All rooms, with the exception of bathrooms, have oak parquet floors. It gives a nice flow.
This box is something different than you might think

Floor plan over the apartment. Photo: Bentley Systems, Inc.

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