Cottage life

This bathroom used to be a coward

The walls were full of moss and the bath was previously a barn.

This bathroom used to be a coward

When Elisabeth Sweet six years ago first walked into the creaky, blasted house at Dvergnestangen near Kristiansand, it was drastic there and the basement could be seen between the floorboards. – The light that flowed in was like a revelation. The location was almost too good to be true. I was just standing and feeling good, says Elisabeth.

She is herself from Kristiansand, but moved to England 19 years ago. She would so much like her own children to experience southern Sweden’s summer. The family lives in Wiltshire, and daily she works with interior and real estate in London. She and her British husband were acting after the stomach feeling and before all the impressions were digested, their place was. They have never regretted it. The old fishing village has now become a beautiful seaside cottage.

Bathtub in the barn

The outdoor area has dried up and the beautiful stone walls are re-fitted. The old floors were put in place without being fixed after the heating cables were laid under the slanting wooden boards. The house has been allowed to remain a bit skewed and shaken. In order to preserve the charm of the wooden house, the new custom adapted what has always been there.

– We have spent countless hours on this. Without help from my parents, we had not got it. They interrogated the museum while I read in old books about southern Norway to get inspiration, says Elisabeth.

The house was probably originally located in Valle i Setesdal. That it has been built over time is revealed by several time-specific details. “From the walls we picked up moss that was used for insulation. And when we ground the walls with a machine on the barn, it smelled fresh. When the bath stood, stood before a goat and a cow told her with a smile.

Many of the furniture has she grown up with, and some of them have taken part in the sea trip back and forth over the North Sea. She has found the details in England. – Yes, and think – the old baking oven works brilliantly. It is a nostalgic and practical touch on the cottage.

This bathroom used to be a coward

HISTORICAL: The old fishermen’s residence dates back to 1790, and is now the resort of the family of five. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This bathroom used to be a coward

FRED AND RO: Elisabeth has chosen bright, delicate colors when she has decorated the old house. The building has become a peaceful haven. The old windows had to be replaced with new ones. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This bathroom used to be a coward

BATH IN FROZEN: The little barn is refurbished. Now it has become a charming place bath in the old barn. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This bathroom used to be a coward

LIST: The daylight is reflected in the small white painted kitchen. The decor is made by measure. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This bathroom used to be a coward

The dining room is kept light. The color oats make it warm and fits the glow of the woods on the furniture that stood in the cottage in Grimstad with Elisabeth’s grandparents. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

Had to change the windows

The favorite place has been added to the conservatory of recent times. Especially when it’s raining, it’s good to find the calm in the day bed with a good book. This gives a refill of energy for a toddler’s mother to three.

That the old windows in the living rooms had to be replaced was a sad decision for a nostalgic. – We tried, but after the first Christmas celebration here we froze. So I had to renounce nostalgia for the sake of ease of use, “she says. The windows were given to the city museum in Kristiansand.

To look up the beautiful door to the sea, sit down on the stairs and let the sea air penetrate the senses is the very best start of the summer day for Elisabeth. – When we are in England, we miss the cottage life. It means so much that the children experience Norway and how it is in southern Norway.

This bathroom used to be a coward

GAMMEL AND GOD: In the bread oven, puffy pizzas are made. Wooded in the shelf over the baking oven is redecorated through seven layers of paint. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This bathroom used to be a coward

ATMOSPHERE: The dining room is decorated with an old-fashioned and light feel to emphasize the atmosphere of the house. The furniture is taken by the sea from England. The light curtains in bright colors give a summery touch and are a nice contrast to the timber walls. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This bathroom used to be a coward

LIGHT TO TUMES: Since the cottage is by the sea, the floor and ceiling are painted in bright colors. It gives honor and glory to the beautiful timber walls. The floor is original. Photo: Per Erik Jæger

This bathroom used to be a coward

ORIGINAL: The original front door is preserved with intact handle. It stands in the same room, the extension with the entrance came to later. The floors are original and painted in the original color. Photo: Per Erik Jæger


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