This bath is illegal

When the bathroom refurbishes, there are many traps on the road.

This bath is illegal

In the farthest of new products and creative solutions, it can be easy to be inspired to renew the bathroom. However, there are multiple tabs you can make on the road to a newly refurbished and upgraded bathroom.

We have asked three experts about which traps you should avoid if you are going to brush the bathroom; a wet expert, an interior designer and a real estate agent.

1. You assume that the company you are using is competent.

According to the General Manager of the Wetroom, Cato Karlsen, the biggest mistake most people make is to be uncritical to the company’s expertise.

– When the offers shrink in price, you should be on guard. Check that the company you are using is an approved wet company. If the company is on the list of approved companies, they have committed themselves to using certified professionals and to use approved products according to the wet norm, “says Karlsen..

2. You do it yourself

Karlsen believes that belief in own skills does not always match reality, and one of the biggest mistakes in terms of renovating baths is to rely on getting things on their own.

– VĂ¥trom is a very complicated space to build clean building physics. Among the most common mistakes we see when people have done things themselves is the wrong choice of membrane. This can lead to leakage, “says Karlsen.

– We also see that many home-made bathrooms are built with missing falls or flat floors. As a result, the water is left on the floor rather than slipping down, he adds.

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3. You choose design products

Karlsen warns against blending a nice look, and rather encourages concentrating on the less prominent product sheet. It says that the product is approved for use in Norway or not.

– Many design products sold in Norway lack technical approval, he says.

4. You place the shower in the middle of the room.

Interior Architect MNIL, Linda Lien, assumes that the work must be done professionally.. However, there are several pitfalls despite a potted bath. She encourages to think carefully how the features are placed in the bathroom, pointing out that the wetest zones should be placed in the center.

– It’s unfortunate to have to go through the shower or wet areas to go to the bathroom. If there is a queue for using the bathroom, do not let the heating cables dry up the mud before the nest is coming in, says Lien.

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5. Poor lighting

– If the illumination is incorrectly placed in the bathroom, you can quickly get dark shadows under the eyes or see the gust out. A bathroom should have lighting that matches the different needs we have; a bright and clear light for washing and make-up and a warmer dark light for a comfortable evening table or a romantic bathroom, says the interior designer.

6. You choose the first and best solution

Lien recommends a needs analysis, preferably done in collaboration with a professional. The first bathroom solution may be fair enough, but it may not be best in practice.

– An interior designer will be able to optimize function and aesthetics to make more money out of what most people are capable of themselves, “she says..

7. You are taking a close look at the finish

That a solution works fine for you does not necessarily mean it’s in the taste of everyone else. This is unproblematic – until the day you are going to sell the house for the highest possible price. The chairman of the Norwegian Real Estate Association, Christian Vammervold Dreyer, believes that the following conditions are at the top of the tab list; That many take too easy on the finish.

This bath is illegal

BATHROOM FAIRS: Daring decor selection is considered to be a disadvantage when to sell. Photo: Crinson

– Many respond negatively when the finish is not completed. It can give the impression that the bathroom is home made or carried out by unskilled workers and creates an uncertainty that the seller is not served with, says Dreyer.

8. You choose original solutions

Materials and solutions that are very different may also negatively impact any future sales.

– Very special choice of materials is rarely fooled. Then the danger is great for current buyers not to think it’s fine. Extreme tiling choices are unfortunate, and another typical mistake is to place a bathtub in an over-bath. Such grips often have a price-damping effect, explains Dreyer.

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9. You Refresh Before Sales

If you know that you will soon sell, the real estate agent advises you to let the bathroom be as it is.

– Generally, I do not recommend anyone to mess up in a sales situation. It’s expensive to clean the bathroom and you may not get the money back. It is better for the buyer to rejuvenate for his own tastes and interests, “says Dreyer.


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