Think about this when choosing to switch off the bathroom

Turn off the bathroom. If you are going to brush the bathroom, turn off some of the first things you should think about in order to avoid problems with the floor. Read all about choosing to turn off the bathroom here.

Think about this when choosing to switch off the bathroom

– While the classic round off-hook has been one of the most common solutions for a long time, new solutions are still being introduced to the market. You have many options when choosing to go to the bathroom, says Are Skaar Nielsen, head of the pipe contractors in Norway.

He explains that it is advisable to decide on the type of drain and how the drain should be already in the planning phase of the bath , as this has consequences for, among other things, the location of the drain.

Various design on the bathroom closet

– Today there are several different designs to choose from. Some are oblong and narrow, others are triangular and for use in corners. It has also been switched off for wall mounting. Talk to the plumber for tips on what works best in your bathroom, advises Nilsen.

The top grid is what seems like the extinguishing system, and a nice design riser costs a little extra.

Suppliers can offer many attractive looks and designs. You can get shots with fonts, colors or patterns.

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Avoid Leak

Three different types of baths

1. Normal domestic faucet mounted in the middle of the shower or with a lid to extinguish from all sides.

2. Shower rails mounted against the wall, or at the end of the shower room. The case will then be smooth against the run, which will simplify the job for the tile. Especially where large tiles are chosen on the floor.

3. Corner closure mounted in the corner of the shower cubicle with a drop towards the corner.

These three switches can be used in all types of bathrooms. Here are the tmest look, price and value that are practical.

– Regular home-hiding is the cheapest and easiest option, but it’s more common for people to have a slightly more beautiful design on the go. </

Source: District Manager Øst, Blücher Norway AS, Morten Børsum.

– When you decide to turn off the bathroom, it is important to think about possible leakage and how to avoid it. A very large proportion of leakage that occurs in the wet room occurs in connection with the extinguisher, says Øystein Helgheim, plumber manager and general manager at

He says that in the plumbing industry they still experience missions where there is talk About leakage and repair of leakage from wet rooms.

A typical gangster is trouble in and around the drain. Insurance companies will often not cover damages caused by a smooth transition between the floor and the floor, and the customer must pay for such damage.

– For example, if you choose a switch in the corner of the shower, the load is extraordinary in the area around extinguished, and especially in the transition between floor and wall. Here it is extremely careful to install the drain after installation instructions, and you should not “gamble” to install the extinguisher yourself. Remember that anyone who performs work in a wet room must have a wetroom certificate, says Helgheim.

He also informs you that a recurring problem is if you use regular concrete or bathing floors on the floor above the ground floor, the concrete

The sink itself is usually anchored in the building structure and often stands as the highest point of the years, as the concrete is sinking, says the plumber master.

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Swim tips

– Slide and membrane are high on the list of tasks you should leave to professionals.

– According to the requirements of Technical Specification, it must be switched off wet room: bathroom, shower room and laundry room. There should also be a good fall against the extinguisher so that the water can be quickly removed from the floor.

– It should be easy to get to clean the drain. The entire drain must be visible. This means, for example, that there should not be a tile over the parts of the drain so that it can not be opened.

– Remember to choose the tile size and fall plan before the drain and drain system is fixed so that The slopes come at the lowest point, and the water from all places has free access to the drain.

Source: Head of the Department of Pipeline Norway, Are Skaar Nielsen.

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