They tailored the ready-made house

The married couple made many changes to the workshop they bought. That’s how it was.

They tailored the ready-made house

They tailored the ready-made house

FERDIGHUS: This house took six months to set up, and then several changes were made inside. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

They tailored the ready-made house

This house gets you for two mill

They tailored the ready-made house

The extinguisher beeps and lights when it burns

They tailored the ready-made house

Hide or show the books?

For six months, married couple Mette and Åsmund Erøy set up their dormitory, as they had changed a part from the original drawing.

– We chose the Cuba model from Norbohus, and I fell for the facade as soon as I saw it. This house I would have, says Mette.

In 2006, they started construction, and half a year later, just as planned, they could move into a brand new, funkin-inspired house on two floors.

The first floor is about 90 square meters, and the second floor of about 50. The house has neither basement nor loft.

They tailored the ready-made house

ADJUSTMENTS: The house came with oak parquet and white walls. Because of the children, Mette and Åsmund have mounted a gate from Ikea in front of the steep staircase. The picture on the wall is from the forest outside the house, and is taken by Mette. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

Colorful mix

Matte interior tips

  • Dare to show personality.
  • Get samples of wallpaper, paint and fabrics and hang them on the wall for a while before deciding.
  • Do not pick anything until you are completely sure of your choice.
  • Customized solutions for a furniture nest are cheaper than you think.
  • Use auto search on find. no if you are looking for something specific.

The home is sparsely decorated, with a mix of old and new furniture, both for the sake of the economy and because the couple are keen to reuse.

-We have tried to go for affordable solutions all the way, while we do not want to change the furniture still away. There must be solid things coming in the door, “says Mette, who says that buying things used and going on flea markets has been a hobby for her for many years.

But it’s about finding a balance between old and new, because we do not want to live in a house that looks like a museum, says Mette, who has his own blog called Staseli.

Libra color usage

They tailored the ready-made house

NEW AND USE: The sofa is from BoConcept, the shelf from Ikea, the table from a retail store and the carpet from Skeidar. The lamp is from Kostøl in Kristiansand. The wallpaper is No. 7258 from ECO and costs NOK 241 per. roll at Swedish Tapetorama. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

Originally, the walls of the house were white, with oak parquet on the floor. This would change and spice up the expression.

– It was absolutely necessary and we went for daring wallpaper and strong colors on some walls.

Major Changes

Many changes were made to the floor plans. On the ground floor, the ceiling was raised about half a meter to get a more airy appearance in the rooms, which are relatively small.

They tailored the ready-made house

VÅGALE TAPETER: The wallpaper on the adult’s bedroom is from the online shop The table is from Bohus and the chair is a flea find. On the wall at the mirror, Mette has put up the wall stickers that came with in room123 no. 9. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

In addition, they changed the kitchen and bathroom plans and decided to have a soundproof room for Åsmund and his electric guitar.

Sound proof space

-We have had unexpectedly great enjoyment of that room. Some time I worked night watch and needed to sleep on the day. Then I could shut up in there and sleep undisturbed. It’s also okay to see a noisy film late in the evening without waking the kids, “Mette said.

Space Utilization

They tailored the ready-made house

Boy. Åsmund Emil’s room has received the Rush Hour wallpaper from Ferm Living. The bag is purchased in a grocery store. The small table lamp is from Åhléns. The red carriage voucher is from the design square. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

There was also an extra bedroom and an extra bathroom.

They tailored the ready-made house

However, because this was not originally signed, it meant that the rooms became quite small, which in turn created a challenge to make the most of their space.

-We went from the store to the store and looked for beds for the children’s rooms, but found no one like that. That’s why we called a piece of furniture and got custom beds that could change as the children grow. In fact, it was not any more expensive than the finished beds we were looking at either, says Mette.

They tailored the ready-made house

SOUNDROM: Several changes were made to the floor plan, among other things, an audio room was created, which also functions as a movie room and guest room. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

trick trick

Homeowner’s Web Tips

Mette Erøy has his own blog called Staseli.

She also recommends:

find. no

web gadgets. no

wallpaper theme. see

blafre. no

rice. dk

housedoctor. dk

tamo. no

flamingo. no

The family also decided to use a bathroom and kitchen supplier other than those proposed by Nordbohus.

They did because they needed greater freedom to plan in detail in relation to optimal floor plan and what materials they wanted.

They also increased the area in the second floor of the house, so that the living room and kitchen got better space.

Get in

They tailored the ready-made house

JENTEROMMET: Malin’s room has got a wall covered with wallpaper Pip Wallpaper 386023 from Eijffinger. The carpet and mirror under the window are from Rice. The small piano has Mette bought at Galeries Lafayette in Paris. The desk and the chair are bought used. The chair is since painted yellow. The bed is customized the room by a piece of furniture and can be lowered if Malin gets tired of the playroom she has under it. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

Despite all the changes, the budget kept.

This changed their

  • Selected Private Bathroom and Kitchen Supplier
  • New floor plan
  • An additional bath
  • Created laundry room
  • An extra bedroom
  • A soundproofed room
  • Moved on windows on the first floor
  • Lifted the roof on the first floor
  • Larger flat area on the second floor
  • Larger windows on the second floor

But still they do not feel they have finished decorating the house.

Now we have stayed here for three years, and we still do not know the room yet, for example. But we have realized that it may take time to live in.

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They tailored the ready-made house

NOT READY: The picture wall is not finished, Mette will work further with pictures. Elggeviret is a gift from one of Åsmund’s friends who hunt. Mette has got it mounted on plexiglas. But below this she has glued a colorful background that she found online, right on the wall. The owl is from 2 in span. Photo: Bård Jørgensen

Ferdighus has become modern

Supertrendy typehus

Here is summer’s best tire

They tailored the ready-made house

SELF: The divan is purchased used on Finn. no. The photo print pad has Mette made himself. She has also taken the photo on the wall, which is by her daughter Malin. The two lamps are from Riips Interior. Photo: Bård Jørgensen


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