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They refurbished for a lick and nothing

See the fun solutions in the 50th century house in Haugesund.

Anne Gilje Gunnarshaug and the family live in a classic five-century house in Haugesund.

When the family bought the house in 2008, they bought a home that called for upgrading. And that’s what they saw as an opportunity.

The positive was just that we could get it just as we wanted, “says Anne Gilje Gunnarshaug.

She does not want to characterize either herself or the man as particularly handy, and what do you do when you want big changes without costing a shirt?

Bucket of paint became the solution to the problem.

They were able to do wonders with the home. Here, both ceilings, floors and walls were undergone. See how well they’ve got it!

Do not be perfect

There is one factor explaining why the home in Haugesund has got a very special atmosphere.

– We like to mix styles and do not think everything needs to be so nice, nice and great, says Gunnarshaug.

The most important thing is that the interior makes sense – and that things speak to her.

They refurbished for a lick and nothing

SPICES: The ceiling lamp over the dining table is from Le Klint. Anne has made a beautiful picture wall over the Living Room’s white tableware. Among other things, there are two mirrors that she has bought in flea market. Photo: Norwegian Interior Blogger

They refurbished for a lick and nothing

A PERSONAL HOME: The family has got a unique style. Photo: Norwegian Interior Blogger

They refurbished for a lick and nothing

OLD GOLD: The gray steel cabinet is an old dental care Anne has gotten from her retired dental cardboard. The black armchair is from Hay. Photo: Norwegian Interior Blogger

Smart with many rooms

The family is very happy that the house has so many rooms.

Full two kitchens, two living rooms, three bathrooms and six bedrooms have accommodated 190 square meters.

– With so many rooms we can distribute ourselves around the house when we are a bit tired of each other, Gunnarshaug smiles.

The eldest son, Ole, has got a large room and a private bathroom on the second floor while the brothers are getting in the basement.

Free playroom

There is one thing Gunnarshaug particularly appreciates, and it is that the man, Alf, lets her decide and unfold freely when she fits.

– Fortunately, he has no strong opinions here and it’s so delicious. I can only manage and follow my inserts. Often I see how the room will be and hang on until it’s like that, “says Gunnarshaug.

The interior can be from Ikea, it can be used buying or more expensive design. It’s not so important to her.

– The most important thing is that things speak to me and give me a good feeling, she says.

Gunnarshaug is working daily in the stone bar in Haugesund. She likes to show her playful pages at home and at work. In the family’s residence, different styles can live side by side.

– I like to mix things from different styles and era. It makes the interior unpredictable and more exciting. I’m balancing a bit on the edge. It does not have to be so nice, nice and great, just it suits what I see for me, says Gunnarshaug.

They refurbished for a lick and nothing

KITCHEN BREAK: At the kitchen table is the family sitting everyday. The print of the man in coat from the 50’s is from a men’s shop. The poster with the boy bought Anne at the Aros Art Museum in Aarhus. The chairs are a used find. Photo: Norwegian Interior Blogger

They refurbished for a lick and nothing

ON THE WALL: Above the tray hangs a storage shelf in the sink from House Doctor. If you hang a nice leather belt around a round mirror like a suspension, you’ll get a mirror reminiscent of the Adnet classic from Gubi. Photo: Norwegian Interior Blogger

They refurbished for a lick and nothing

COLOR: In the sofa, Anne mixes colors and styles. She loves lamps, both new and old, and these are from Fretex. The table is a raft, and The closet has Anne inherited by the grandmother. The art is made by Magne Austad. Photo: Norwegian Interior Blogger

Art is an important ingredient

Admittedly, it does not flap every time, but then she tries again.

– Once I bought a mustard yellow velor lamp in a flea market. I thought it was so cool and paid an electrician in expensive judge to mount it in the hallway. We laughed well when it got into place. The whole room got a dark brothel mood. That’s why we had to remove that lamp, laughs Gunnarshaug.

Decorating with art is important for the family.

Gunnarshaug’s sister is a visual artist, and her parents have always had a lot of art. She is particularly pleased with the stupebillion in the dining room. The photograph is taken by Grethe Nygaard and is really a gaze.

– I can not have bare walls. It is important to me that what I have on the wall tells me something. I have lots of art that never gets on the wall, “says Gunnarshaug.

They refurbished for a lick and nothing

STILRENT: The kitchen is from Alno, and the steel shelf is from lillerips. no. The fan is from Siemens. Photo: Norwegian Interior Blogger

They refurbished for a lick and nothing

VEGGDEKOR: Tough pictures create life on the walls. Photo: Norwegian Interior Blogger

Driver Store

Even though she works full time, Gunnarshaug and sister Elisabeth run the summer cafe Sweet and sour in Skudeneshavn on Karmøy.

As a cross between art installation and cafe, they bring guests into different moods and sensory experiences.

– As art projects most awake Sweet and sour many emotions, it may be astonishment, cheerfulness, bile humor, surprise and melancholy, says Anne.

On the ground floor, they offer home-baked buns and ice-cream, on the second floor they sell second hand goods and hand picked fleas.

That’s how it works, both at the cafe and at home.

They refurbished for a lick and nothing

LIST: In the bedroom the atmosphere is bright and light. The art of the wall is by Gunnar S. Gundersen, and the ceiling lamp is from Le Klint. night tables with marble top is bought used. Photo: Norwegian Interior Blogger


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