These hotels must be seen before you die

Have you been fed up with boring, beige hotel rooms? Check out these.

These hotels must be seen before you die

These hotels must be seen before you die

Bug kitchen for the drowning

These hotels must be seen before you die

See, an origami apartment!

These hotels must be seen before you die

See how cool the Ikea kitchen was

Some hotels are so much more than just four walls and a nicely decorated bed. In recent years, there have been several so-called designer hotels, boutique hotels and other small hotels that will be a staple over everything else in terms of style and comfort. Combining this with so-called Nano Tours (minihelger), it is possible to afford to stay in hotels that offer “the little extra”. And the little extra, yes, it can come in many forms – and not least colors.

Here is a list of nine hotels around the world that have really taken the stage when it comes to being unique.

G Hotel, Galway, Ireland

Ireland is perhaps best known for brown pubs and charming Bed & Breakfasts. However, if you want to stay in style when exploring the green island, check in at Galway’s great design hotel, The G Hotel.

The G Hotel is listed as one of Ireland’s top five hotels. It was designed by celebrity catemaker Philip Treacy, and is at least as sensational as his headlines.

In the dark and intimate reception area, admire the glass tank with beautiful sea horses and the wall shaped like a conch.

If you need some relaxation and care after all the color impressions The G has to offer, just move to the top floor where you will find a luxurious spa department.

Crazy Bear, Beaconsfield, England

These hotels must be seen before you die

SMARAGDØYA: Stay at the colorful G Hotel in Galway next time you visit Ireland. Photo: Hotel

When self-contained Conde Nast Traveler makes the hotel one of the world’s most extravagant, it is almost said that Crazy Bear is a hotel of a somewhat different class – and design. In many ways, as the name implies, it’s a bit “crazy”. At least for the senses.

The hotel, located in Buckinghamshire, less than an hour’s drive from London, is charming eccentric, maximistic in every way and perfect for a romantic weekend a little out of the ordinary. It has to be added that, right after the opening in 2008, the hotel was also voted the new “Rockstar Stars Hotel” by Sunday Times Culture Magazin.

Crazy Bear is located in the oldest documented building in Beaconsfield and is dating as far back as the 1400s. Here you will experience both historical sobs, dramatic architecture and a sense of luxury.

Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, England

In Folkemunne, the coastal city of Brighton is called “London by the sea. “And it is not without reason that property prices in this small town have gone through the roof in recent years. Every year, hundreds of Londoners escape the city’s mud with a quieter life at the coast, in a city that has almost everything left in London, only in smaller and cheaper formats.

These hotels must be seen before you die

BJØRNEN SOVER: At the hotel Crazy Bear outside of London, the interior is anything but boring. Photo: Hotel

Should you visit Brighton, maybe a stay at unique Hotel Pelirocco may be something? In this compact hotel with only 19 rooms, all the décor is derived from modern pop culture, and according to the newspaper The Independent you will feel like pop star for one night.

Decorated with a color palette that may be called anything but neutral, and with rooms dedicated known pin-up models and with Playstation machines in the lobby, Hotel Pelirocco invites you to the relaxed and somewhat hedonistic lifestyle Brighton is so famous for.

Library Hotel, New York City, United States

For book lovers, a stay at the New York Library Hotel is about a must. As you set foot in the beautiful old brick building, it is clear that there is no spared anything when it comes to details.

As the name implies: At Library Hotel you get the feeling of being in a nice and intimate library, where books are just used as floor-to-ceiling decor. 6000 books, to be exact, ornaments built.

These hotels must be seen before you die

ROCK’N’ROLL: In Brighton you can play rock star for a day at Hotel Pelirocco Photo: Hotel

The hotel’s ten floors are individually dedicated to ten different categories for the classification of books. Here you will find floors of dedicated social knowledge, mathematics and science, history, religion and philosophy, to name a few. The hotel, located a stone’s throw from New York’s Grand Central Station, may be said to be inspired by its neighbor, the world renowned New York Public Library.

Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin, Germany

Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin is a unique destination. There are more works of art than hotels. All rooms and objects are signed by the German artist Lars Stroschen, and it must be said that being in the hotel feels more like being inside a large piece of art than in a hotel. Here the senses are stimulated continuously.

All of the 30 rooms are decorated differently and with a very own concept. In each room, furniture and decorations are specially made and can not be reached anywhere else.

It is said that the artist realized that each room should challenge your perception of reality when you entered. Upon check-in, a separate user manual is given for each room.

These hotels must be seen before you die

BOOK: For the reading horse, may a stay at Library Hotel be the perfect gift? Photo: Hotel

“From here you go with the feeling of having participated in something unique” has Stroschen stated.

Underwater Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey

At Underwater Hotel, which will be completed during the year, you will have the opportunity to see Istanbul in a completely new way.

The 7-story underwater hotel is built in a historic building like the former room, a tobacco factory from the 1930s, and features restaurants, showrooms, meeting rooms and guest rooms, all in 7-star class and underwater views to the world-famous Bosphorus.

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya

If you have always dreamed of Africa and safari in your stomach, but relying on both the comfort and luxury of your vacation, Giraffe Manor may be the destination for you. And if you want to have breakfast with giraffes, yes, the hotel can offer this as well.

These hotels must be seen before you die

ON A SNOW: Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin is definitely a hotel out of the ordinary. Photo: Hotel

Giraffe Manor is beautifully surrounded by hundreds of acres of untouched nature and a unique proximity to wildlife, and only 20 km from Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

These hotels must be seen before you die

YELLOW SUBMARINE: In Istanbul, a 7-star underwater hotel is being built Photo: Architect

The Mursteinsherregåren was originally built in the early 1930s, and is now best known for its “tame” resident giraffes, who, as it may be, may find their head in to beg for some breakfast.

The Shiraffe Center was originally launched by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife (AFEW) to breed and preserve the endangered Rothschild giraffes, and now includes centers for education for Kenyan schoolchildren.

The Lady of Stavoren Hotel, Stavoren, The Netherlands

Looking for a place to bring the wine enthusiast in your life? At the very special De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel in the Netherlands you can not only enjoy a glass of two of the favorite wines but also sleep sweet inside an old wine barrel.

The first floor of the hotel is built of old oak barrels, and the four giant barrels could in their time hold a total of 19 333 bottles of noble drops.

The oak barrels originate from a Swiss castle and are beautifully characterized by the tooth of the time. The unique vintage rooms are sparsely furnished with two narrow beds and a small desk, but outside you can enjoy the view of Stavoren’s beautiful harbor area from a small balcony.

Jumbo Hostel, Stockholm, Sweden

At Jumbo Hostel at Stockholm Arlanda Airport, even those who fly in peace can sleep sweetly in the jumbojet, because here you have legs or wheels, well planted on the ground all night.

Choose between three-bed rooms or spend one night in the luxury suite of the converted cockpit with panoramic views of the busy airport. At Jumbo Hostel you get a unique night at a fairly normal price.

These hotels must be seen before you die

WANTED AND BEAUTIFUL: At Giraffe Manor you can have breakfast with giraffes. Photo: Hotel

Initially, it was set up as a low cost option for travelers who needed accommodation near the airport. However, it did not take long before the unique hotel became world-renowned, and now the guests are in line to experience life in the clouds – on the hill.

The “Hotel” is a retired Boeing 747, which was built for Singapore Airlines at the time. With 76 beds spread over 27 rooms, there are options for all tastes and wallets.

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These hotels must be seen before you die

ON DRUEN: At The De Vrouwe van Stavoren Hotel in Nererland ahr man found new ways to use eikefat on. Photo: Hotel

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These hotels must be seen before you die

COME FLY WITH ME: In Stockholm you can now check in on a retired jumbo jet. Photo: Hotel


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