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These homes will increase the most in 2012

Check which homes will be most popular in the market.

As of December 2010, house prices have risen to 9.9 per cent so far this year.

Even though house prices are record high, experts still believe that prices will only continue up next year.

And it is townhouses that are designated as the most popular items in today’s market, a survey conducted by brokers affiliated with the Norwegian Property Brokerage Association (NEF).

Of the nearly 700 real estate agents across the country who have participated in the survey, most people believe that townhouses will also be in the wind ahead.

High Price Level

In Oslo there has been a queue for many townships this year, several objects have gone far beyond the pricing. Demand has thus been greater than the offer.

Director Finn Tveter in Norway’s Real Estate Brokerage Association (NEF) believes that the pressure on the housing market in central urban areas has increased in recent years due to the fact that few apartments for families with children are built in these areas.

He believes the price of apartments in the center causes more people to move in townhouses a bit outside the city center to get more value.

– In addition, there are often shared homes in an environment that attracts families with children, close to kindergartens, schools and other services, he explains.

City and Country Differences

But there are huge price differences between town and country on townhouses.

A new townhouse on Manglerud in Oslo east of 126 square meters is now available for sale for 5,390,000 million.

By comparison, a townhouse on Rasta in Kongsvinger costs 118 sq.m. 1,503,018 million.

A difference of 3,886,982 million.

Will continue up

These homes will increase the most in 2012

NEW REKKEHUS: This ending house at Manglerud on Oslo East is now being built for sale for NOK 5 390 000. Primary room 126 sqm. Photo: Illustration: Obos / PEAB AS

Despite an already high price level, chief economist Kjell Senneset believes in the Forecast Center that prices on townhouses will rise more than other types of homes, especially in the big cities.

These homes will increase the most in 2012

Will avoid closing prices

– The housing price gap between city and country will only be strengthened. It is not built enough in the urban segment relative to population growth, he says, pointing to the lack of land access as a major challenge for the manufacturers in the largest cities.

Real estate agents most believe, the prices will remain unchanged or increase slightly in the next three months. A minority believes that it will sink a bit in the time to come, and then mainly for detached houses and apartments.

A majority believe price inflation will be greatest in shared homes.

These homes will increase the most in 2012

MONEY FOR MONEY: This rowhouse on Rasta in Kongsvinger of 118 square meters is currently available for sale for 1,503,018 million. Photo: DNB Real Estate

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These homes will increase the most in 2012

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